DPRK citizens' favorite songs

Our National Flag

The south Korean online newspaper Jaju Sibo carried an article titled "North Korean society seen through songs loved by its citizens in 2019" on May 16.

The article said that the leaders of north Korea have given importance to the might of music and art. It went on:

In particular, Chairman of the National Defence Commission Kim Jong Il's philosophy of music is that the revolution advances and wins victory with songs. It means that the socialist revolution and construction are a solemn symphony of history and source of songs and that sonorous singing certainly helps the revolution emerge victorious.

Chairman of the State Affairs Commission Kim Jong Un attaches importance to the might of music and art.

In recent days, every art performance is started with song "Our National Flag" and the song is heard everywhere, including farms, enterprises, streets, etc.

To get a proper understanding of north Korean music is one of the ways to get more knowledge of its society.

Then, what are the north Korean residents' favorite songs in 2019?

They are "Our National Flag", "We Will Go to Mt Paektu", "We Call You Father" and others, according to the personages who recently visited north Korea.

The songs show their will to believe in and follow only the Supreme Leader and turn their country into a prosperous one.

They also represent their confidence that they will certainly overcome any difficulty and trial, bearing in mind the holy land of revolution and their origin.

(KCNA - May 30, 2019)

Fire of Love

We Will Go to Mt Paektu (cc)

We Call You Father (cc)

O, Party, My Mother
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