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Japan Can Never Conceal Its Nature with Poor Trick

KCNA Commentary

It is the unanimous view of the international community that the trend of peace created on the Korean peninsula and the region thanks to the pro-active efforts exerted by the DPRK while exercising patience has to be valued and no act hurting it should be allowed.

But Japan recently made a decision to purchase a total of 1.15 billion USD worth SM-3 Block 1B missiles from the U.S.

The excuse behind the act was the story of "missile threats from the north", a far-fetched assertion which can never stand to reason under the present situation.

This is just a typical example corroborating Japan's sinister ambition for becoming a military giant, notwithstanding the situation.

Japan, which regarded the aggravated situation on the peninsula as a golden opportunity for arms buildup, has set a record high defence spending of 5 257.4 billion yen for this year, indifferent to the present trend of peace.

In defiance of the domestic and international rebuff, it is getting itself ready for the deployment of ground interceptor missile defence system Aegis Usher and has now become intent on building up preemptive capabilities of the "Self-Defence Forces" including the possession of carrier and development of long-range cruise missile, after casting away the veil of "exclusive defence".

The Japan Defence Ministry reaffirmed its will to massively deploy more than 100 F-35As, despite the crash of F-35A in the waters off Aomori Prefecture for an unaccountable reason.

This can not but be a senseless frenzy.

What is utterly irony is the "threats" from the DPRK cited by Japan to cover up its "huge" military arms buildup plan spanning space and cyberspace, to say nothing of the sky, the land and the sea.

The Japanese reactionaries' worn-out rhetoric about "threats from the north" is meant to create regional instability, justify their reckless military frenzy as a legitimate self-defence of a victim and destroy peace on the Korean peninsula and the region in its entirety and thus use it as a pretext for reinvasion.

Japan's bluffing about "naval blocking operation", "international cooperation for pressure" and "solution to the abduction issue" is nothing but a smokescreen to cover up its attempt for becoming a military giant that is now in tatters with the advent of the trend of peace.

The international community is turning a wary eye on Japan adamant on threatening the hard-won peaceful atmosphere on the peninsula and the region and seriously disrupting the strategic balance in the region.

A question we'd like to ask Japan is that does it think it can cover up its nature with such tatters.

(KCNA - May 2, 2019)

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