Building powerful socialist Korea

Kim Il Sung Square embroidered with lettering "Self-Reliance". (File Photo Rodong Sinmun)

By Ri Hak Nam
Rodong Sinmun

If one tries, being confident in oneself, then one can overcome any difficulty to win; it is the truth proven by history. One who thinks of living on the bounty of others, not on one's own, is such a fool. One who depends upon others never sees the door left open. Consequently, one comes to regard oneself as a worthless being and never does even things one can handle by oneself, and becomes thereby a marionette that kowtows and blindly follows others when doing anything.

The same goes for relations among countries. If a country depends on other country, the former can not map out its own strategy for development suited to its own specific conditions, but will be dependent on the latter both politically and economically, and such a country would stop short of speaking out what it wants. Then if the latter sneezes, the former will catch a bad cold and face a crisis and serious confusion to be ruined.

In the present world where the imperialists are getting more undisguised than ever before in the moves to violate the sovereignty of other countries at will, wielding the sanctions club, dependence on foreign forces is little short of pricking one's own eyes with one's own fingers.

The Korean people will surely build a powerful socialist country on this land with the spirit of self-reliance, which has served as the banner of struggle and the driving force of leaping progress in the whole course of the Korean revolution, as a treasured sword of prosperity.

(Abridgment by Rodong Sinmun)
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