Peace lovers of Los Angeles

Peace lovers of Los Angeles gathered and sang "Our Wish Is Reunification" on the occasion of the first anniversary of the Panmunjom Declaration for Peace, Prosperity and Reunification of the Korean Peninsula, signed on April 27, 2018, during the Inter-Korean Summit at Panmunjom, Korea.

LA Peace Hand in Hand

The song "Our Wish Is Reunification" has been all Korean treasure. Regardless of any differences, Koreans in the north, south and abroad sing the patriotic song hand in hand. Singing this song, they feel once again that the people in the north and the south are the fellow countrymen with their ardent desire and mind desirous of national concord pooling.

Here is another one:

Our Wish Is Reunification
By Natalie RevoltsPublished on Aug 20, 2018

The most sincerely cherished desire of the Korean people in both north and south today is for the independent reunification of their country. As images flow today in the media of the teary-eyed reunion participants embracing their loved ones not seen in over 65 years, we must never waver in our efforts to see the hundreds of thousands of families divided once again together and not rest until Korea's reunification is achieved as well as justice and reparations to the victim families of this horrific ongoing tragedy. With deep hatred for the U.S. imperialists burning in our hearts, let us resolutely smash provocation with peace, distortion with clarity, hostility with understanding, and contribute in our own small ways towards reunification and a permanent end to U.S. domination.