Most dangerous entity to peace and security of world

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The true nature of Japan as the harasser of peace and stability has become all the more evident.

Recently the Japanese government let the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology finally go ahead with the publication of elementary school textbooks insisting on "dominium over Tok Island".

The new social subject textbooks approved by the government will imbue elementary school students with the distorted historical and territorial concept that "Tok Island is an inalienable part of Japan which is illegally held by other country" and "Japan has all along protested against it".

This is another intolerable infringement upon the sovereignty of the Korean nation and a crude violation of historical justice and truth.

Tok Island belongs to the Korean nation. It was the Korean nation who first discovered it and put it under its administrative control and it was again the Korean nation who reconfirmed the dominium over it in line with international law and declared it at home and abroad.

That's why the former chairman of the International Relations Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives and other political figures of Japan's senior ally U.S. voiced their stand that Tok Island is land belonging to Korea in light of historical facts, and the U.S. State Department marked Tok Island as land belonging to Korea on a map posted on its 2015 website.

Japan's persistent engaging in Tok Island-related actions in defiance of the international community is meant to secure an advance outpost, a military bridgehead essential for making good its territorial ambition and reinvasion attempt.

The Japanese reactionaries harboring the vaulting ambition for militarism have made the Korean peninsula a priority target for its overseas invasion, and dreamt of advancing into the continent with Korea as a springboard and hold supremacy over Asia again.

Given the perfect military, economic and legal foundations of Japan for becoming a war state, its aggression forces can go into prompt action in any parts of the world at a moment's notice.

The Abe group's persistent denial of Japan's past crimes and agitation for territorial ambition and other actions for stirring up militarism further highlight the dangerous nature of Japan for the harmful effects on all the Japanese including youngsters.

Japan is the most dangerous entity to the peace and security of the region and other parts of the world.

Japan's ambition for Tok Island and invasion of Korea can never come true.

History clearly proves that those morally depraved with desperate territorial ambition all met early end without exception.

What's more, the military and economic capabilities of regional countries have now been beefed up incomparable with those in the last century.

The Japanese reactionaries will face a miserable result of hand-over of the defeat in war, no matter how desperately they are fanning up aggression-mindedness among innocent children.

(KCNA - April 12, 2019)
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