UK's provocative act slammed


By KEA Spokesperson

A spokesperson for the Korea-Europe Association gave the following answer to a question raised by KCNA on April 13 as regards the fact that the U.K. dispatched warships to the waters around the Korean peninsula under the pretext of observing the maritime trade of the DPRK vessels:

Recently, the U.K. committed an extremely provocative act against the DPRK by dispatching its warships to the waters around the Korean peninsula, claiming that they are supporting the implementation of the so-called UNSC "sanctions resolution".

This is clearly an act that harms the positive trend for the improvement of the north-south relations and easing of tension on the Korean Peninsula which is welcomed by the entire world, and also an act of infringement upon the sovereignty of the DPRK.

Last year the U.K. raised concerns about the DPRK's nuclear forces posing "a threat to London", and now it is busy sending its warships to the region. This cannot be construed otherwise than a foolish action completely ignorant of the situation on the Korean peninsula, an action that encourages confrontation and tension on the peninsula against the trend of the times.

The DPRK is not even slightly shaken by the hostile forces sanctions racket against it. However, it will not tolerate any action of infringement upon its sovereignty, whatever the nature and type of such actions might be.

The "vessel check and inspection" sought by the hostile forces is, in essence, nothing short of an act of naval blockade and an act of war that undermines the peace and stability on the Korean peninsula.

The U.K. would be well advised to deal with its domestic issues properly, instead of ingratiating itself with others and poking into affairs that are none of their business.


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