KJIA Spokesperson Flays NHK

The NHK of Japan aired a so-called "special programme" several times in mid-April by hurling good-for-nothing riffraff in a bid to cast a vicious slur on the DPRK as a "criminal state" and, not content with this, heavily maligned the dignity of its supreme leadership, which is an unpardonable hideous crime.

A spokesperson for the Korea-Japan Interchange Association, in a statement on April 26, condemned the NHK, no more than a Japanese right-wing reactionaries' mouthpiece, for daring hurt the supreme leadership of the DPRK just like a fool always rushing to the fore, branding it as an intolerable insult and a grave challenge to the DPRK.

The statement censured the criminal acts of the NHK as the height of an evil deed that can be done only by those villains who are steeped in hostility towards the DPRK to the marrow, nasty hack writers who are parasitic on power.

The "special programme" aired by the NHK is a hideous fraud made up of forgery and fabrication from A to Z, the statement said, and went on:

As well known worldwide, the NHK is a notorious den of hack writers which is famed to often ransack a "dustbin."

The mad acts of the NHK lay bare the disturbed feelings of the Japanese reactionaries taken aback by the formidable power and influence of the DPRK that has towered as a world's strategic state with pride. It is nothing but a last-ditch effort of the political dwarfs of the lonely island nation that has been marginalized from the fresh stream of history and doomed to sink like a setting sun.

Lurking behind the hideous provocation is a sinister intention of the Abe regime to prolong its remaining days on the wane by diverting elsewhere the public opinion critical of it, as it faces impeachment for its political immaturity and corruption.

The Japanese conservative media that stoke confrontation and war and abet injustice are a very high-profile crime syndicate spelling all evils.

A short tongue can put a long neck at stake.

The NHK must be dearly punished for running helter-skelter with its anti-DPRK propaganda.

It must kneel down and make an apology to the people of the DPRK, well aware of the catastrophic consequences to be entailed by its anti-DPRK false propaganda.

The Japanese reactionary media will have to pay dearly for such hideous crimes as daring point an accusing finger at the sun.


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