US bent on regime change in Venezuela

By Choe Yong Nam

The US is still keen on sanctions against Venezuela.

Most recently, it imposed sanctions on Venezuelan military officials, saying it would demonstrate its decision to call into account "those implicated in corruption" in the country.

When Venezuela established a constituent national council for constitutional revision in order to stabilize its political situation last year, the US accused that as an attempt to "build up dictatorship" and slapped sanctions on its president and senior government officials.

The US is now calling on its allies around the world to join in its bid to further isolate the "oppressive regime".

The aim of the move is to overthrow the Maduro government and set up a pro-US regime.

More specifically, the US tries to turn Latin America into its “quiet backyard”.

It seems that the US clings to the bid for regime change in Venezuela as it continues to advance under the banner of the Bolivarian revolution and anti-Americanism.

After the national election committee of Venezuela announced that the presidential election would be held on April 22 and the government assented to Nicolas Maduro's bid for reelection, US State Secretary Tillerson toured some countries in Latin America to rant about the US intention to keep pressurizing Venezuela into regime change.

In actuality, the US has incessantly intensified independent and collective pressure against the country for the change.

It designated Venezuela as a threat to its security by a presidential executive order, and has initiated sanctions against the Venezuelan president and high-ranking officials and brought the "humanitarian crisis" to the UN while supporting the dissidents in the country and patronizing them as "democratic forces". The US chief executive, in particular, bragged that the US would not exclude military option against the country.

In the final analysis, the US is trying to get rid of the Maduro government which it sees as a thorn in its flesh so as to dominate Latin America.

(Pyongyang Times - March 15, 2018)

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