Despicable meddling

By Jong Phil
Rodong Sinmun

One Korea
At the time when inter-Korean relations have taken a turn for the better due to the DPRK's overture and positive measures Chinese media outlets are playing up imprudent arguments of some experts as if vying with the US and Japan, seriously spoiling the atmosphere of the inter-Korean feast.

An assistant fellow at the Institute of Asia-Pacific and World Strategy of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, a senior fellow of the Chinese Institute of International Studies and others argued that the DPRK calculated to show a sign of its opening and improve the international image through the south Korea visit of the president of the Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly, the international community expects the DPRK would show more sincerity and concessions in the issue of denuclearization if it really wants to promote detente in the Korean peninsula and, if not, it is difficult for it to achieve the purpose, and the thaw in the north-south relationship without dealing with the nuclear issue cannot last long and will be easily ruptured. They also made such malicious remarks that the continuation of the eased peninsula situation is closely associated with the "DPRK's nuclear issue" and "without common recognition of denuclearization detente will not last long".

These nonsensical remarks cannot but be denounced as an imprudent action aimed to poke their nose into the internal affair of other nation and a stupid logic and sophistry ignorant of the essence of the Korean peninsula nuclear issue. An expression of discontent of those who are unhappy with the moves of the north and south of Korea towards détente and peace, it is apparently evil-minded behaviour designed to disperse the focus of the international community on the atmosphere of inter-Korean rapprochement.

The DPRK's possession of nuclear deterrent is an open and aboveboard self-defensive option and the Winter Olympics have nothing to do with "denuclearization".

They try to create a space for interference by taking the issue of inter-Korean relations hostage for the nuclear issue.

All in all, the "proactive and positive diplomacy with neighbours" is an overt intervention in the internal affairs of other country and nation, only incurring an unpleasant reaction of the international community.

They recently found fault with the DPRK's self-defensive steps describing them as an "act based on narrow-minded understanding of the outside and a self-opinionated act in the nuclear and missile issue" and downplayed its military capability in its "conclusion after observing from the position south of Panmunjom". And not content with it, they have now gone to this lengths.

Fully occupied with giving instructions to others, some Chinese experts and media outlets play the same as the Trump administration and Abe clan that have been placed under worldwide protest and denunciation and the south Korean conservatives who have become estranged from the mainstream of society.

They should be aware that if they continue to blindly judge the times, they would go for nothing.

Indiscreet meddling is unbecoming to a "major power".

This is an abridgment of the article titled "Despicable meddling for what?" Jong Phil contributed to Rodong Sinmun, organ of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, on February 8.
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