Abe clings to sanctions and pressure against DPRK

A spokesperson for the Institute for Studies of Japan of the DPRK Foreign Ministry gave the following answer to a question raised by the KCNA on January 18 regarding the fact that the Abe group is further clinging to the sanctions and pressure campaign against the DPRK:

Korean Wrath

During his recent tour of some European countries, Japanese prime minister Abe mentioned the DPRK's "nuclear and missile development" and abduction issue every time he discussed bilateral relations with these countries and heinously maneuvered to drag them into cooperation for pressure against the DPRK.

Abe cried out that the DPRK launched a ballistic missile that can hit Vilnius and Belgrade and it is a serious threat to the entire Europe and that they should make the DPRK change its policy through maximum pressure.

While touring the United Arab Emirates and Canada, Japanese Foreign Minister Kono also uttered that the DPRK is earning time to continue its nuclear and missile development and that they should not be misled by the DPRK's "smiling diplomacy" and he called for pressure against the DPRK, by means of, inter alia, severing diplomatic relations.

The Abe group is creating an atmosphere of pressure against the DPRK, taking issue with our self-defensive nuclear deterrence while driving the whole of Japan into an atmosphere of terror by fabricating a national crisis. Their purpose is to make Japan a country that can be able to wage a war by revising the present constitution through all means.

The fact that Abe doggedly preached about putting pressure on the DPRK during his latest tour of European countries clearly proves how desperate they are to realize their dangerous purpose.

It is really a childish and foolish way of thinking for a prime minister of a country to think that we would change our policy if they intensify pressure on us.

As for the abduction issue which Abe group is chanting like monk's chanting prayers, it is well known to the whole world that this issue has already been resolved by our sincerity and efforts.

Nevertheless, continuing to take up the abduction issue here and there is merely a deceptive farce aimed at achieving a long-term power. The Abe group will surely have to be responsible for its consequence.

Japan abducted millions of Korean people by force and inflicted mental and physical suffering upon them. It should keep in mind that our punishment will become harsher as it adds more sins to those crimes against humanity without settling them.

The Abe group had better have a proper eye on the elevated strategic position of our Republic and revise its policy towards the DPRK, instead of keeping to the foolish act of spitting against heaven which will fall in his face.

(KCNA - January 18, 2018)

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