Inter-Korean working-level talks adopt joint press release

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Working-level talks between the north and the south of Korea for the north side's participation in the 23rd Winter Olympics and Paralympics were held at the "house of peace" in the south side portion of Panmunjom on Wednesday, under the agreement of the north-south high-level talks.

Present there were a delegation of the north side led by Jon Jong Su, vice-chairman of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country of the DPRK, and a delegation of the south side with Chon Hae Song, vice-minister of Unification, as its chief delegate.

At the talks both sides thrashed out the practical matters arising in the successful holding of the Winter Olympics and adopted a joint press release.

The joint press release dealt with the scales and action programs of the north side's National Olympic Committee delegation, sports team, cheer group, Taekwon-do demonstration group and press corps to take part in the 23rd Winter Olympics, the south side's offer of conveniences for them and the dispatch of an advance team for field survey. Matters related to the International Olympic Committee will be settled by both sides in cooperation with the Committee, according to the joint press release.

It also mentioned the practical matters on joint training of north-south ski runners and north-south joint cultural event to be held at the Masikryong Ski Resort and in Mt Kumgang from late January to early February.

Both sides will agree in the way of exchange of documents on such other practical matters as dispatch of the north side's Paralympic Committee delegation, sports team, cheer group, art troupe and press corps to the Winter Paralympics, the joint press release said.

(KCNA - January 17, 2018)

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