Misguided media may ruin big event

By Kim Chol Guk

DPRK poster: Peace

The conservative media of south Korea obsessed by the conception of confrontation with the fellow countrymen are misleading the public opinion, while describing the DPRK's proposal and sincere efforts for north-south dialogue as "double-dealing tactics". They even admonished the authorities to be vigilant against "the north's trick to impair the south Korea-U.S. alliance".

Even novices ignorant of the DPRK called the DPRK's dispatch of a cheer group and artists' group the one "aimed to use the Olympics as a promotion ground" and did not hesitate to say that north-south high-ranking talks are to "evade sanctions".

Such despicable acts of the conservative media keen on finding out things accusing their fellow countrymen are a deliberate deed of chilling the atmosphere for improved north-south ties welcomed by the world, the commentary says, and goes on:

Because of the conservative media keen on reeling off all sorts of vituperation against the fellow countrymen even before the north-south relations make a good start to depart from their frozen state, the "peace Olympics" so much advertised by the south Korean authorities may turn into "confrontation Olympics".

Tongue may bring calamity and miswritten pen may become a sword beheading oneself.

They should know that they may mess up the great event of the nation should they get on the nerves of the dialogue partner and wag their tongue and writing brush at will.

If the present situation turns into the freezing state which is not wished for by anyone, the blame will entirely rest with those who made fun of and went against the active proposal and efforts made by the DPRK for the improvement of the north-south ties.

The south Korean authorities may find the wedding ceremony turning into a mourning ceremony if they fail to hold tight control of media and of their own tongue.

(KCNA - January 15, 2018)

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