US ruling quarters' frantic moves against Korean nation

Choe Kang Chol, a researcher of the Institute of International Studies of Korea, issued an article on Sunday to denounce the U.S. ruling quarters' vicious scheme to spoil the significant event of the Korean nation.

It was at a dazzling speed that the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) has emerged a strategic state acknowledged by the world with the accomplishment of the great historic cause of completing the national nuclear force. The new policy for improved north-south relations, announced on the New Year's Day in this country, turned the swirling trend of the situation toward the direction of detente, peace and improvement of ties.

Thanks to the initiative proposal and active measures taken by the DPRK, successful north-south high-level talks were held at Panmunjom to delight all Koreans and this opened up the first breakthrough toward the improvement of the ties, the article said, and went on:

But the present ruling quarters in the U.S. are behaving mischievous, following with uneasiness the progress made in the spirit of By Our Nation Itself.

When the historic New Year Address was made public in the DPRK, there heard from the U.S. political circle such rubbish as "tactic of opening to the south and shutting out the U.S.", "act of driving a wedge" between the south Korea and the U.S. and such remarks that north Korea can again opt for additional missile "provocation" at the end of Olympics.

Before the north-south high-level talks, the U.S. called them a trick to divide Seoul and Washington and weaken sanctions and pressure. It even began to spread the story that talks that can weaken the U.S.-led sanctions and pressure on the DPRK should never be allowed and that the improvement of the north-south relations is inseparable from the solution of the "north's nuclear issue" and, therefore, it can never be advanced separately, which came as a threat to the south Korean authorities.

As the DPRK's big magnanimity and good favor resulted in successful north-south high-level talks far beyond expectation, the U.S. authorities including Trump, hiding their upset mind, made a U-turn in their stand to describe them as the direct result of the unprecedented pressure on the DPRK put by the U.S., a daring act of attributing the result common to the north and the south to its "merit".

It is the bad habit of the U.S. to deliberately strain the situation on the Korean peninsula and check the improvement of the north-south ties while intervening in the internal issue of the Korean nation and instructing others to do this or that.

By nature, the U.S. dislikes to see the situation on the Korean Peninsula defused and the peaceful atmosphere created in Asia-Pacific.

What is all the more dangerous is that the U.S. military actions are pursuant to the lunatic president's ignorance and frenzy, not prompted by any political demand and reasonable judgment.

The U.S. should be deliberate.

The U.S. styling itself the "super power" is being taken to the cliff of destruction led by the lunatic president whose thinking faculty is at the level of preschooler and who has the symptom of dementia.

The warmongers may storm us if they have certainty of handling the responsibility. This is the pluck of the DPRK, the world-level nuclear power and rocket power.

The article stressed that the U.S. nuclear carriers are just good prey for the Hwasong artillerymen of the DPRK who have already put Guam and even the U.S. mainland in their striking range.

(KCNA - January 14, 2018)

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