Moon spreads rubbish on inter-Korean dialogue

S Korean Authorities' Ill-boding Remarks about DPRK's Efforts for Improved North-South Ties


The happy environment for the north-south reconciliation, created by the great magnanimity and initiative measures taken by the DPRK, has greatly excited all the Koreans including those in the south.

The international community is also positively appreciating the efforts made by the north and the south, hoping to see the trend of detente persisting on the Korean Peninsula.

At this time, ill-boding remarks chilling the atmosphere for reconciliation are heard from south Korea, upsetting the people.

That was uttered by the south Korean chief executive at the new year press briefing.

The south Korean chief executive said that the beginning of the south-north dialogue can be described as the effect made by the U.S.-led sanctions and pressure and President Trump played a big role, showing his willingness to express thanks to him. He even made such rubbish that the north was led to dialogue to open up the chapter for "the north's denuclearization", not for the improvement of the south-north relations.

He said that he would not be so weak as to only pursue dialogue with the north. Saying the start of the dialogue does not mean the solution to "north's nuclear issue", he vowed to keep step with the international community in applying sanctions and not to alleviate the sanctions of its own accord. Through his remarks that the improvement of the ties with the north must accompany the solution of the "north's nuclear issue", he openly disclosed his dirty intention.

The "solution of the north's nuclear issue" touted by him is the revised version of the "north's nuclear dismantlement".

Saying that dialogue should never be held for the mere form's sake, the chief executive even made such ignorant and unreasonable remarks that summit can be possible only when preconditions are set and expected results are certain.

His coarse invectives made us think how can he be so ruthless and ignorant of his dialogue partner even though his position is so poor as to read the face of his master.

It is known to all that the U.S. is putting pressure on the south Korean authorities, saying that the improvement of the north-south ties unhelpful to the "north's nuclear dismantlement" would be meaningless, being much upset by the upcoming north-south dialogue, even though it is outwardly voicing "support" and "welcome".

It is needless to say that the new year press briefing of the south Korean chief executive was to curry favor with his discontent master.

It is by no means accidental that media at home and abroad deride the south Korean chief executive's attitude as the one helping to learn the state of mind of the U.S.

It is the obligation of human being to respond favor with favor and sincerity in kind.

This is exactly the case for the north and south authorities who have just begun to kindle the flame for reconciliation and improvement of the relations from the phase of worst confrontation.

The present south Korean chief executive's attitude casts doubt as to his intent to improve the north-south ties and build confidence.

To claim to hold talks which can only be successful is little short of hoping for a meal without cooking it.

Only when talks are held, can there be joint statement and joint press release and can there be an agreement both sides share. This is a common sense.

People ask without dissenting voice if he is truly "president" who hopes for results and success first, before sitting face to face with each other.

What should be respected, one's face or results for the nation, at a time when the nation is about to sit together for betterment.

Dialogue partners have to sit together first to make sincere efforts to produce good results. But the south Korean chief executive said that talks can be held only when results are expected.

How can he be viewed as having proper stand toward the settlement of north-south relations.

Trump said that the north-south dialogue has become possible thanks to the international sanctions and pressure spearheaded by the U.S. The south Korean chief executive expressed gratitude to Trump and pledged to lead the north-south talks to the DPRK-U.S. talks for the "north's nuclear dismantlement". His brownnosing attitude is something beyond imagination.

Therefore, it can be viewed that the south Korean authorities' approach to let the DPRK take part in the Winter Olympics is in the end aimed to induce the DPRK into responding to its demand, while looking far into the "north's nuclear dismantlement" rather than the issue of the north-south ties.

We have made all efforts for the high-level talks and other things in the direction of having everything, wished by the south Korean authorities regarding our participation in the Winter Olympics, settled out of the sincere willingness to improve the north-south ties in line with the ardent expectation and wish of all Koreans.

Now is the first process for improving the north-south ties and building confidence and, therefore, this should be valued.

After making good first step, one should make efforts to solve something possible one by one on the principle of mutual respect while building confidence with each other so that both sides can have good feelings.

But the south Korean authorities have an axe to grind, hoping to eat corn without teeth.

Not content with advertising the north-south dialogue as the result of sanctions and pressure and as "successes" derived by them, the south Korean authorities who announced to postpone the joint military exercises with the U.S. are now bringing into waters off south Korea and its vicinity the U.S. strategic assets like nuclear carrier task force timed for the holding of the Winter Olympics, an occasion for the north and south to sit together and open up a chapter for peace, thereby deliberately straining the situation.

What could be the reason behind such military act?

We have met all the demands raised by them, out of sincerity and magnanimity. Now they are going arrogant, with their head raised.

This proves that the south Korean authorities are not concerned for the interests and demands of the nation but they are a group of pro-U.S. traitors who are only keen on currying favor with their master and keeping their power even at the sacrifice of the Winter Olympics and the valuable sprout of the improvement of the north-south ties.

The south Korean chief executive should not be dreaming.

We will as ever strive to improve the north-south ties but will never remain an on-looker to sordid acts of chilling the efforts.

Everything is now at the beginning.

They should know that train and bus carrying our delegation to the Olympics are still in Pyongyang.

They should discard the impudent idea that someone will cook meal and feed them. One has to cook one's own meal.

The south Korean authorities had better ponder over what unfavorable results may be entailed by their impolite behavior.

(KCNA - January 14, 2018)

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