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Cuba advances under the banner of socialism

By Han Jong Chol

January 1 is the anniversary of the victorious Cuban revolution which heralded a new life and bright future for the Cuban people.

On January 1 1959 Cuban revolutionaries overthrew the pro-US Batista dictatorship and won victory under the leadership of Fidel Castro Ruz.

It was a historic event which freed Cubans from the yoke of dictatorship and subjugation.

Cuba chose socialism after the revolution.

Progressive policies were enforced such as the nationalization of major industries, and a socialist system was established in which all people work and learn, enjoying equal rights and freedom.

The Cuban people have maintained and advanced socialism for decades in the face of the persistent embargo, interference and conciliatory tricks by the US and other hostile forces.

A nine-year free and compulsory education is now in force, with the highest number of scientists and technicians per 1 million population in Latin America. A regular public health network is in servi…