Anti-DPRK racket by US and its followers

Uriminzokkiri Cartoon: Bravado of Trump
Bravado of Trump head-butting fortress of single-minded unity. (Editorial Cartoon Uriminzokkiri)

The Human Rights Institute of the DPRK Academy of Social Sciences issued a white paper on December 9 to clarify who has defended human rights and who has violated them on the earth, based on the comprehensive study into the human rights situation on a worldwide scale for the past nearly seven decades since the adoption of the World Declaration of Human Rights.

The DPRK is a country where genuine human rights are firmly protected and successfully put into practice as the working masses' democratic freedom and rights are most thoroughly defended and most brilliantly realized, the white paper says, and goes on:

The most popular human rights system under socialism that was established in the DPRK consists of the human rights legal system which has codified the human rights, independent rights to be exercised by the people in all fabrics of social life including politics, economy and culture, the regular state mechanism which helps people thoroughly realize their independent rights and the system for education and promotion of human rights.

The human rights policy and human rights laws in force in the human rights system under socialism in our country, the human rights policies and the activities conducted by state organizations for ensuring human rights, and education and promotion of human rights being conducted in our country fully comply with the unanimous desire and wish of mankind for genuine human rights. Many state-sponsored measures and steps being undertaken in several fields of social life including education far surpass the requirements stipulated in the World Declaration of Human Rights and the international human rights documents which have specified it.

Imperialism which emerged as the vicious violator of freedom, equality, democracy and human rights can not exist even a moment without the violation of human rights, from its aggressive and predatory nature to enslave humankind.

Such nature of imperialism has found its vivid manifestation in its actions throughout history since the adoption of the World Declaration of Human Rights.

The imperialist countries like U.S., Britain and France opposed the call of socialist countries for including rights to labor and rest and social security in the World Declaration of Human Rights, but tried to include the contents of bourgeois human rights documents like the American Declaration of Independence and French Declaration of Human Rights in the World Declaration of Human Rights. The U.S. and other imperialist countries in Western Europe, in particular, went vicious to delete expressions and phrases that can stand in their way of violating the democratic freedom and rights of the popular masses.

Even after the adoption of the World Declaration of Human Rights, the U.S. and other imperialist countries stood in every way against the preparation and adoption of international legal codes concerning human rights aimed at specifying the contents of the World Declaration of Human Rights as the legal obligation of individual states, and denied their implementation under unwarranted reason and pretext, thereby hindering the realization of human rights of popular masses and the guarantee of human rights worldwide.

Yet, they tried to give impression that they are most concerned about guarantee of human rights in countries and nations, while styling themselves "human rights champions".

The U.S. is styling itself a "human rights judge" while estimating and finding fault with human rights performance in each country. It is spreading such doctrines as "theory of prioritizing human rights" and "theory of interference from humanitarianism", and "theory of diplomacy for human rights". But they are sophism to justify its aggression, interference and violation of human rights under the signboard of "defense of human rights".

The U.S. committed innumerable wars of aggression, schemes to topple governments and interference in other countries' internal affairs, letting out such sophism.

In the present world where the imperialists go on the rampage, committing aggression, war and high-handed and arbitrary practices, the only way for safeguarding the sovereignty of countries and nations and to defend rights of people is to bolster the military force.

Now that the U.S. imperialists and its followers are challenging the efforts for realizing genuine human rights and are strengthening domination and interference moves, it is of great significance to realize international solidarity and cooperation in the field of human rights.

The realization of genuine human rights in the world requires active efforts of the UN and the human rights-related international organizations whose basic mission and duty are to ensure human rights.

Human rights represent the justice and desire of mankind and the world where genuine human rights are realized is sure to be built through the dynamic struggle of countries and nations for defending independence.

(KCNA - December 9, 2017)

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