Remnants of traitor Park's clan

Conservatives' Attempt to Save Park in S Korea Censured​

A spokesman of the Consultative Council for National Reconciliation on November 4 issued a statement denouncing the remnants of the south Korean conservative forces for working hard to save Park Geun Hye, though they are all fated to be buried in grave of history.

The conservative remnants' move is a blatant challenge to the mind-set of candlelight demonstrators who impeached Park, an intolerable mockery and death-bed struggle of Park's accomplices, who can not be safe any longer, said the statement.

The crimes committed by Park during her 4-year office are the most disgraceful and hideous ones ever in the history of the south Korean politics, and thus there can be no statute of limitations to the severe punishment by the south Korean people, noted the statement, adding:

Nevertheless, remnants of traitor Park's clan are struggling to save her, because they know that their destiny will come to an end on the day Park breathes her last.

What matters is that they are not struggling merely to save Park.

It is the sinister aim sought by the conservative group of traitors to nullify the impeachment of Park itself and turn the tables by bringing back everything to the era of the appalling "yusin" fascist dictatorship, an era of unpopular misrule.

Herein lies the danger of the desperate efforts of the remnants.

A standoff with the remnants of the conservative forces running wild like a headless chicken to save Park is a do-or-die struggle in which who wins who.

Without a bloody struggle, there are no new politics, society and life desired by the toiling masses.

(KCNA - November 4, 2017)

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