Sanctions incur humanitarian disaster

DPRK Will Settle Damage Incurred by Sanctions of U.S. and Its Followers

DPRK Poster: Nuclear Sword in Hand
DPRK Poster: Holdng nuclear treasured sword of Juche in our hands firmly, let's get great leap forward in building socialist powerful country by dint of self-reliance. (Photo Credit Uriminzokkiri)

A spokesperson of the Sanctions Damage Investigation Committee of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea issued the following statement on Friday:

Today, the manoeuvres of the U.S. and its followers to sanction and stifle the DPRK have reached the extremely vicious and barbarous phase in their attempt to obliterate the rights to existence and development of our State and people, destroy the modern civilization and turn the world back into a dark mediaeval age.

They turned away even the articles of the UN Security Council "resolutions" which stipulated that the sanctions should not give negative impact on the humanitarian assistances of the UN agencies which are influenced by the sanctions, although they are conducted in a more transparent way. This is the reality today.

The assistances of the UN agencies undertaken in all regions and countries of the world contribute to carrying out the noble missions of the UN aimed at securing global peace and security, developing international relations and promoting international cooperation in economic, social and cultural fields as well as other various areas.

However, the United States and its followers cut off the normal economic and trade activities of the DPRK in all-round way and resort to the unprecedented sanctions and stifling acts in their attempt to obliterate even the basic right to existence. They go even further to take issue with the assistances of the UN agencies which are conducted without any snag and impede their implementation in every way possible.

Unlike in other countries, the assistances of all the UN agencies in the DPRK including UNDP, UNICEF and UNFPA are taking place under the strict supervision of the sanctions committee of the UNSC.

As a result, the banking channel of the UN agencies is suspended, delivery of aid goods is delayed and even the ordinary daily consumer goods are restricted under the pretext of dual use, thus creating tremendous obstacles in the protection of the rights and existence of the children and women and causing damage to the people's livelihood, nothing to say of the civilian economy.

Unable to resist strong backlash within and without, they claim to have allowed the transfer service of fund for UN agencies resident in the DPRK. However, due to the absence of practical measures, the transfer service is suspended and the assistances are not progressing.

The delivery of Mobile Digital X-ray equipment and reagents for diagnosis of Tuberclosis, insecticides for Malaria vector control and Emergency Reproductive Health Kits procured and provided by the UN agencies including UNICEF and UNFPA for protection and promotion of the health of children and women have been delayed for several months under the unjustifiable pretext of various reasons in the countries of sale and transit this year. The Gene Xpert Cartridge for diagnosis of Multi-Drugs Resistant tuberculosis patients have not been delivered at all since 2017.

This is a clear act of human rights violation that denies and infringes upon the right to a standard of living adequate for health and well-being including clothing, food, housing, medical care and necessary social services stipulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Thus, it is obvious that the aim of the sanction is to overthrow the system of the DPRK by isolating and stifling it and intentionally bring about humanitarian disaster, instead of "preventing weapons development" as claimed by the U.S. and its followers.

The more unprecedentedly harshest sanctions and strongest pressure the U.S. and its followers impose on the DPRK, the higher the banners of independence, simultaneous development and self-reliance it will uphold, and thus settle the damage to the end incurred by the sanction, decisively frustrating the reckless nuclear war moves and the despicable plot of sanctions and pressure of the enemies.

(KCNA - October 20, 2017)

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