Trump recklessly barks at DPRK

Cartoon: Bravado of Trump head-butting fortress of single-minded unity
Bravado of Trump head-butting fortress of single-minded unity. (Editorial Cartoon Uriminzokkiri)

U.S. Will Pay High Price for Hurting DPRK: NPCK

A spokesman of the National Peace Committee of Korea on September 23 issued a statement expressing full support for the historic statement released by respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK, who declared the U.S. chief executive would pay a high price for his vitriol calling for the total destruction of the DPRK.

There has not been such boss of gangsters among the successive U.S. presidents as wicked Trump who let out without hesitation such violent words as "total destruction" of a sovereign state, the statement said, adding:

Trump asserted without flickering of an eyelash that "If a war breaks out, it happens on the Korean peninsula and if some thousands of people are killed, it happens there, not in the U.S. mainland". He, who cried out the extermination of the Korean nation, is a blood-thirsty beast indulged in massacring.

It is just the U.S., empire of evils, that should be totally destroyed and wiped off from the surface of our planet.

In order to ensure peace in the Korean peninsula and the world and guarantee wellbeing and prosperity of humankind, it is necessary not to make Trump, a source of the world's worst misfortune, survive to run amuck and not to make the U.S. exist on this planet as it only inflicts untold suffering and misfortune upon the Korean nation and humankind.

"Let's annihilate the U.S. imperialist aggressors, the sworn enemy!" this is a decision of the Korean nation getting stronger with each passing day.

Time only will show what a dear price the U.S. will have to pay for the crimes they committed against the Korean nation through generations.

A rabid dog, Trump and his clique will keenly realize what disastrous consequences are entailed by his recklessly barking at the DPRK after misunderstanding it.

(KCNA - September 23, 2017)

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