Poor anti-epidemic policy of S Korean authorities

Bird flu sweeping across south Korea now is due to poor anti-epidemic policy of the puppet authorities, said Yonhap TV News of south Korea on Dec. 23.

The bird flu broke out in the western area of south Korea in succession from November, causing a big chaos on poultry farms.

Entering December its damage spread to the eastern area, threatening the whole of south Korea.

The reason was proved to be the use of disinfectant which is either ineffective or whose efficacy was not verified.

The Ministry of Agro-Forestry, Livestock and Foodstuff has not made this fact known to the public, making it impossible to take any measure, though belatedly.

A lawmaker from an opposition party, revealing this fact, blamed the serious loophole of the "government's" anti-epidemic policy caused by the poor management of disinfectant.

(KCNA - December 28, 2016)

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