Sci-tech efforts paid to hygienic and anti-epidemic work

The DPRK strives to put the hygienic and anti-epidemic work on a scientific and technological basis.

The National Hygienic and Anti-epidemic Center under the Ministry of Public Health has regularly informed its affiliated units of details on the outbreak of epidemics across the world as well as latest scientific and technological data.

And on-line information exchange between them is brisk thanks to the recently developed epidemiological chart based on observations of pollution.

Meanwhile, telemedicine helps increase the ability of medical workers.

A scientific research into producing efficacious vaccines is pushed forward in keeping with the developing medical science and technology.

Hygienic information activities are getting momentum as part of the efforts to prevent the inroads of world-known diseases like Zika virus into the country.

(KCNA - March 27, 2016)

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