Yun Pyong Se's ridiculous behavior


Yun Pyong Se, minister of Foreign Affairs of south Korea, showed his very ridiculous behavior from the first month of the new year.

yun pyong se
Yun Pyong Se
He made his first trip in the new year to the Osan air force base where he trumpeted about the south Korea-U.S. joint defence posture and "blood alliance".

At the briefing on the ministry's duty for this year before domestic and foreign media, he blustered that he would focus the south Korean diplomacy on pressing the north to make denuclearization process.

At the 45th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum held in Switzerland, he termed the DPRK's nuclear deterrence for self-defence a cancer-like factor of bedeviling south-north relations and disturbing peace in Northeast Asia and told rubbish that one couldn't talk about peaceful unification unless the issue of denuclearization of the north is settled.

He seems to be unable to discern his job; whether he is foreign minister or defense minister. This hectic diplomacy started by this political imbecile from the outset of the year suggests another disgrace for south Korea ill-famed for flunkeyism and submission.

What he is doing is nothing but acts of treachery.

He is a wicked confrontation element who has pursued confrontation with compatriots since he became diplomatic boss.

He malignantly slandered the DPRK's line of simultaneously developing the two fronts, crying out for "the north's dismantlement of nukes" and "changes" whenever an opportunity presented itself. He has worked with bloodshot eyes to intensify the smear campaign against the DPRK, taking the lead in the international racket against it over its nuclear issue.

He is such a maniac that in "a speech" made on the Day of the United Nations he let loose a spate of invectives that the north's advocacy of a nuclear weapons state is "a challenge to the UN".

Last year, too, he was busy arranging a public discussion in the U.S. and making a speech on invitation. He called on the international community to strongly counter the north's access to nukes, claiming that it would further increase tension and instability in Northeast Asia.

What he uttered is nothing but ridiculous jargons of the colonial servant of the U.S. who has lost ability to properly judge things owing to his bitterness towards the compatriots in the north and total dependence on outsiders.

Tragedy is that Yun has no elementary common knowledge about the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula.

As well known to the world, the nuclear issue on the peninsula was spawned as the U.S. turned south Korea into the biggest nuclear arsenal and constantly threatened and blackmailed the DPRK with ceaseless nuclear war drills for invading it.

The DPRK's nuclear deterrent serves as a mighty treasured sword for protecting the dignity and sovereignty of the country and nation and guaranteeing the happiness of the people and prosperity of a reunified country.

But for the nuclear deterrent for self-defence, the Korean nation would have suffered a nuclear disaster, to say nothing of the peace and stability on the Korean peninsula.

It is the height of folly for Yun to take issue with the DPRK's just line and nuclear deterrent for the country and nation, far from saying any word in protest against the foreign forces who spawned the nuclear issue on the peninsula.

Yun has perpetrated more wicked acts of treachery at home and abroad since the DPRK advanced the proposal for achieving great national unity of all Koreans and opening up a broad avenue to independent reunification in this year, the 70th anniversary of Korea's division. His behavior can never be overlooked.

Such despicable stooges of the outsiders as Yun having not an iota of national self-esteem are bound to go to ruin.

(KCNA - February 3, 2015)
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