Take practical measures for dialogue

By CPRK Spokesperson

The spokesman for the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea Wednesday gave an answer to a question put by KCNA as regards the fact that the south Korean authorities are spreading the rumor that dialogue has not started due to the north, toeing the line of the U.S. which is displeased with any effort to mend the inter-Korean relations:

These days those of the Ministry of Unification of south Korea talk rubbish that the north should stop making exhausting assertions and come out for dialogue as early as possible if it has the willingness to mend the relations. Timed to coincide with this, the conservative media of south Korea are floating the rumor that it is hard to expect north-south dialogue for the time being due to the north.

This is an intolerable insult to the DPRK's sincere efforts to bring about a great change in the north-south relations in this significant year and revelation of the clumsy and sinister intention to pass the buck for the daily escalating tension to it.

Now the rabid dogs of the U.S. obsessed with the anti-DPRK hostile conception are openly barking that they will bring down the DPRK by leading it to "changes" in utter denial of its ideology and social system, and obstructing the south Korean authorities in every way so that they may not opt for mending the relations with it. This is well known to the world.

There are heaps of realistic issues pending solutions between the north and the south but there is not a single problem the south Korean authorities can settle without the U.S. interference. This is the DPRK's judgment.

It is the stark reality that without setting right the abnormal master-servant relations with the U.S. it is hard to expect a fundamental change in the north-south relations. The DPRK can never believe the south Korean authorities' will for dialogue as long as such situation goes on.

The south Korean authorities should not just pay lip-service to "dialogue" and "confidence" but make a bold decision to settle national issues and reunification issue with their fellow countrymen through frank discussions, free from the U.S. control, and show the will for the improvement of the relations by taking practical and trust-based measures.

They should also stop such acts of doing harm to fellow countrymen and escalating tensions by toeing to the U.S. policy.

To talk about "dialogue" without taking practical measures is not an attitude to truly settle the issue of the north-south relations. Such behavior cannot be interpreted otherwise than a poor charade to make the public at home and abroad believe that they are interested in improving the north-south ties and to shift the blame for the failure to open dialogue on to the DPRK side.

As we have repeatedly clarified our stand, we are fully ready to bring about a fresh landmark phase in the north-south relations for the dignity and destiny of the nation.

The prospect of the north-south relations entirely depends on the attitude of the south Korean authorities.

(KCNA - February 4, 2015)
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