S Korea's evil law violating human rights

By DPRK Measure Council for Human Rights in South Korea

The DPRK Measure Council for Human Rights in South Korea made public an inquiry report on Saturday to disclose before the world the fascist nature of the "Security Law" and the shuddering human rights abuses committed by the successive south Korean puppet forces by invoking the evil law:

The SL of south Korea is the worst fascist law unprecedented in world history.

It was cooked up by traitor Syngman Rhee on Dec. 1, 1948 to suppress and stamp out progressive figures and other people of south Korea who stood against the pro-U.S. dictatorial regime. It was made up of hideous poisonous articles unprecedented in world legislative history.

It is the most unpopular and reactionary law that was modeled after the colonial suppressive ruling methods used by the imperialists.

It is just the repetition of "the Maintenance of the Public Order Act" which the Japanese imperialists invoked to maintain their colonial ruling system and suppress the Korean people's movement for national liberation against the Japanese during their rule over Korea.

"The Maintenance of the Public Order Act" which the Japanese imperialists enacted to suppress the communist movement inside Japan in April 1925 was an ill-famed law also in Japan's history of legislation. Provided for in the law were punishment up to death sentence to those who were involved in organization of association or who acceded to it and discussed or agitated the execution of the goal of association with an aim at the "change of state".

The SL was exactly same as "the Maintenance of the Public Order Act" in the light of the objective of its institution, the scope and objects of its application and punishment.

The evil law was coercively cooked up by the south Korean puppet clique at the instigation of the U.S. for its colonial rule over south Korea after its illegal entry to it.

At the time of fabrication, the SL was a provisional one as neither "criminal law" nor "criminal procedure code" was in force in south Korea. It, therefore, should have been repealed after the September 1953 institution of the criminal law and the September 1954 enactment of the criminal procedure code in south Korea.

No wonder, the majority of the then "National Assemblymen" opposed the SL and even the first president of the puppet Supreme Court Kim Pyong Ro held that "many problems will arise in terms of legislation if criminal law is instituted without abolishing the Security Law". But Syngman Rhee maintained the evil law under the patronage of the U.S., using it as a means for his dictatorial rule.

The SL is undemocratic and inhuman law violating even the elementary right of human being.

The SL was empowered to the indefinite violation of elementary rights of people on charges of "endangering the existence and security of state and basic order of freedom and democracy."

The anti-human rights and unethical nature of the SL is that it is blocking the national reconciliation, unity and reunification.

The SL brands the DPRK and organizations of overseas compatriots as "anti-government ones" and totally antagonizes the compatriots.

Its articles contain such words of antagonizing the fellow countrymen as "anti-government organizations" and "their members" and even label the DPRK an "enemy."

The SL is also wantonly checking the free visits, contacts and dialogue between the north and the south.

Noting that the fascist atrocities the south Korean puppet group have perpetrated by invoking the SL constitute the height of crimes against humanity and human rights, the inquiry report cites detailed facts to prove them.

Since Park Geun Hye took office, the SL has gotten ferocious, the report notes, adding:

The Park group is openly pushing ahead with the revision of the SL for the worse, which even traitor Lee Myung Bak dared not do, being hell-bent on fascist suppression.

During her early days in office, Park said sheer sophism that "the May 16 military coup was an inevitable and best choice". She has resorted to anachronistic fascist dictatorial rule after letting such remnants of "yusin" as Kim Ki Chun, Hwang Kyo An and Nam Jae Jun hold important posts of the secretariat of Chongwadae, the ministry of Justice and the Intelligence Service.

In February 2013, the first year of her office, she sponsored the farce of a fascist trial against Ro Su Hui who had visited Pyongyang to express condolences over the greatest loss to the nation, which sentenced him to four-year imprisonment and suspension of qualification.

In October that year her group branded the Teachers Union, a typical progressive organization, as a "heart of followers of the north", "enemy in the country" that had taken the lead in the "pro-north" activities and deprived the union of its legitimate status.

Moreover, in December it hurled 5 000 fascist policemen into storming the headquarters of the south Korean Confederation of Trade Unions and arresting more than 130 including its vice-chairman.

The Park group, in a bid to suppress the Unified Progressive Party which had acted as a legitimate progressive political party, cooked up a conspiratorial rebellion case and put a lawmaker from the party into custody in broad daylight.

On December 19, it let the puppet judicial authorities forcibly dissolve the UPP after branding it as a "political party following the north" and termed it a "historic option that firmly protected the liberal democracy."

Early this year, the puppet group made an investigation into the Bar Association for Democratic Society, a progressive organization in south Korean judicial circles, openly revealing its sinister attempt to totally stamp out the progressive forces by invoking the SL, in actuality.

Branding even peaceable demonstrations and rallies as "operations of the pro-north left-wing forces to overthrow the government", the puppet group arrested and put into custody personages of progressive organizations after branding them as backstage manipulators and suppressed them at random.

It has also mercilessly violated the freedom of speech, press and expression by applying the SL.

In south Korea, there does not exist the freedom of criticizing the "government" and its confrontational policy, even though there may exist the freedom of defending the regime and slandering the fellow countrymen.

Therefore, not only south Koreans from all walks of life but the international community strongly demand the abolition of the SL and even Americans maintain that the SL must be abolished in the light of human rights.

However, the Park Geun Hye group made up of matchless human rights abusers and fascist dictators is keen on retrogressively revising the SL, far from repealing it.

It is ridiculous for those human rights abusers to talk such rubbish as "human rights issue" of someone.

The Park Geun Hye group had better face up to the trend of the times, immediately abolish the SL and stop the "human rights racket" against the DPRK.

(KCNA - February 21, 2015)

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