Koreans are ready to punish S Korean authorities

By DPRK NDC Policy Department

The Policy Department of the National Defence Commission (NDC) of the DPRK made public a statement Sunday in connection with the grim situation now prevailing on the Korean peninsula:

Growing stronger than ever before at present is the unanimous desire of the nation to break with the inglorious past and write a new history of the north-south relations, true to the noble intention of supreme leader Kim Jong Un, peerless great man. World people are also growing strong in their support and encouragement to it in response to the historic appeal for defusing the danger of war and creating a peaceful environment on the Korean peninsula.

But even a basic climate for dialogue has not been created as the north-south relations are not freed from the phase of freeze.

Noting that what is happening at present is very grave, the statement clarified the following principled stand:

1. The south Korean authorities should stop making willful interpretation of the measures of great significance in the nation's history taken by the DPRK, and wagging their tongues at will.

The great calls made at the outset of the new year reflect the ardent desire to put an end to the 70-year long national division and build earlier on this land a reunified powerful country, dignified and prosperous.

But the south Korean authorities backed by their American master are deliberately interpreting and slandering the measures taken by the DPRK, far from deeply studying them and positively responding to them.

To cite a typical example, they are slandering the precious historic measures hailed by all Koreans as an "option to get rid of international isolation", "the last resort to have economic blockade lifted" and "a peace offensive aimed at stirring up conflict among south Koreans".

They have even gone so blind as to term those measures "proposals little different from the past ones", "measures devoid of sincerity" and "sleight of hand to hold initiative".

It was not out of any calculation that the DPRK took such new measures. It was neither economic difficulties nor isolation and blockade that prompted it to take those measures.

The undesirable and hostile forces should clearly understand that political isolation, economic blockade and military pressure will never work on the DPRK.

We have never been benefited from the U.S. nor have we thought the south Korean authorities would help improve the living standard of our people.

The south Korean authorities should neither misjudge nor make a mockery of the sincere will of the DPRK to put an end to the history of national division, a tragedy being suffered only by the Korean nation in the world.

2. The south Korean authorities should stop disappointing the nation with their double-dealing words and deeds.

They are now loudly trumpeting about north-south dialogue and the improvement of the relations.

The present chief executive has talked volumes, regardless of time and place, about "steadily stepping up preparations for unification," "creating conditions for holding dialogue of any form", "conducting trial operation of cross-peninsula railways" and holding dialogue and negotiations for "opening three channels for people's livelihood, environment and culture" and giving "priority" to the reunions of divided families and relatives, while calling for "putting an end to the 70 years of severance and conflicts".

Her loud words are quite different from her practical deeds.

South Korea has already made it an established fact to conduct Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint military exercises from March and Ulji Freedom Guardian joint military exercises from August as planned while creating impression that they have nothing to do with the removal of the danger of war and the creation of a peaceful climate.

Under the pretext of making full preparations for "taking combined defence posture", south Korea, while currying favor with its American master, has introduced aggression troops including a flying corps of strategic bombers carrying nuclear warheads to its land and vicinity, souring the atmosphere for the improvement of the relations with saber-rattling.

What matters is that such moves are being pushed forward in an undisguised manner as part of preparations for a preemptive attack on the DPRK in the run-up to the 65th anniversary of the conclusion of the shackling and sycophantic south Korea-U.S. "mutual defence pact".

3. The south Korean authorities should clearly know that in case they persistently refuse to respond to the call of great significance in the nation's history made by the DPRK, they will not be able to escape a stern punishment.

Improving and developing the inter-Korean relations is the task of the times which brooks no further delay.

The south Korean authorities should sincerely respond to our call for opening up a broad avenue to independent reunification by concerted efforts.

Intolerable and unpardonable are the incompetent behaviors of the south Korean authorities criminalizing the just acts to improve the inter-Korean relations and allowing human scum inciting confrontation with fellow countrymen to go scot-free, their poor position of failing to create elementary atmosphere of dialogue and their treacherous acts of joining the U.S. in its moves against national reunification and moves for disturbing dialogue.

It is nonsensical to allow another long period of the tragedy to last, though the nation has spent 70 years in misfortune and pain.

The whole world knows well about the will of the DPRK to mercilessly punish the treacherous, anti-peace and anti-reunification acts of the hostile forces.

The south Korean authorities should ponder over their behavior more than once.

They should not forget even a moment that all Koreans are following all their moves with high vigilance, ready to punish them.

The army and people of the DPRK will resolutely punish the south Korean authorities in case they continue challenging the historic steps taken by it to re-link the severed bonds and blood vessels of the nation and bring about a great change in mending the inter-Korean relations.

(KCNA - January 25, 2015)
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