RBCK denounces Hangichong's reckless act

By RBCK Spokesperson

A spokesman for the Religious Believers Council of Korea (RBCK) Thursday made public a statement denouncing the General Association of Christians of south Korea (Hangichong) for mulling building the Aegibong Light Tower to be higher than the removed one and setting up make-shift facilities to hold a "lighting ceremony" on Christmas this year.

This is an intolerable insult to the religious men in the north and a mockery of them and challenge to the public at home and abroad as it is an unpardonable act of dancing to the tune of the south Korean puppet authorities who abuse sacred religion for confrontation with the fellow countrymen in the north, the statement said, and went on:

Whoever desirous of national reconciliation, unity, peace and security should not join in the frantic confrontation moves of the U.S. and south Korean authorities but categorically reject them.

Hangichong is zealously dancing to the tune of the regime as its servant in the anti-DPRK psychological warfare which will fan up the confrontation with the fellow countrymen in the north and bring a war disaster. This only self-exposes that Hangichong is a phony religious body kowtowing to the regime, indifferent to the north-south relations and the destiny of the nation.

Hangichong must stop its shameful act of joining in the above-despicable psychological warfare of the regime and halt at once the building of the Aegibong Light Tower and cancel the above-said ceremony.

If it presses ahead with the building of the light tower and the ceremony at any cost in defiance of strong opposition of all Koreans in the north and the south and overseas, it will be held wholly responsible for the ensuing consequences.

All religious bodies and religionists in south Korea should decisively check and frustrate the above-said moves which will escalate the confrontation and bring only disaster to the nation.

(KCNA - December 4, 2014)
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