KSDP raps puppet group's forcible disbanding of UPP

All Koreans will sternly punish the conservative group seeking to prolong its remaining days by enforcing "yusin" dictatorship

By KSDP CC Spokesperson

The spokesman for the Central Committee of the Korean Social Democratic Party (KSDP) released a statement on Tuesday denouncing the south Korean puppet group for disbanding the Unified Progressive Party (UPP).

Terming the puppet group's action thrice-cursed politically-motivated terrorism against democracy and human rights, an unprecedented heinous act of stamping out the progressive, democratic, reform-minded forces making efforts to bring new politics and life and achieve independent reunification, the statement went on:

What should not be overlooked is the fact that the puppet conservative group is deliberately linking the programme and activities of the UPP to the DPRK in a foolish bid to escape the strong public protest and denunciation of it.

Whenever they faced a ruling crisis, the past conservative ruling forces created a terror-ridden atmosphere in the south Korean society by suppressing and killing those of the political parties and personages who struggled for independence, democracy, reunification and patriotism after labeling them "spies of the north."

This was a trite method employed by them.

The present chief executive of south Korea, daughter of the "yusin" dictator, is following in the footsteps of her father and putting the preceding dictators into the shade in barbarity, viciousness and baseness.

It is as clear as a pikestaff that the fascist repressive racket kicked off by her with the UPP's case as a prelude will suppress other political parties and organizations at the point of bayonets of fascist dictators by branding them as "followers of the north" in the future.

As long as such a fascist group as the present south Korean ruling forces is allowed to go scot-free, there will be no independence, democracy, freedom and human rights in the south Korean society but it will only bring confrontation and war disaster to Koreans.

The Korean Social Democratic Party, together with other progressive parties in the world setting store by justice and truth, will never pardon thrice-cursed fascist terrorism of the Park Geun Hye group which forcibly disbanded the UPP.

All Koreans will sternly punish the conservative group seeking to prolong its remaining days by enforcing "yusin" dictatorship against the trend of times and public mindset.

(KCNA - December 23, 2014)

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