DPRK lawyers condemn Park Geun Hye's fascist misrule

By DLAK Spokesperson

A spokesman for the Democratic Lawyers Association of Korea in a statement Monday.

The south Korean puppet forces committed such a fascist act of forcibly disbanding the Unified Progressive Party (UPP) and depriving lawmakers from the party of their membership as "National Assemblymen".

The puppet authorities' act of disbanding the party by deliberately linking its programme with the DPRK and terming the party "a political party violating constitution through pursuance to the north" is a wanton violation of democracy and human rights and an unprecedented politically-motivated terrorist act.

The Park Geun Hye group's act of forcibly disbanding the UPP is an unwarranted fascist one that totally denies the elementary requirements in the light of law and an outrageous, mediaeval and tyrannical act that crudely violates the freedom of expression and assembly to turn south Korea into a political hell, the spokesman said, and went on:

It is not the dark era of the last century when anti-communist McCarthyism prevailed and strong wind of fascism raged. But the legitimate political party was disbanded in the 21st century, a crime against humanity that runs diametrically counter to the trend of the times and the universal rights of humankind.

It is the height of shamelessness that the fascist tyrants and biggest human rights abusers who wantonly violate elementary political freedom and democratic rights of human being are raising a hue and cry over the "human rights issue" of the north.

Moreover, the present south Korean chief executive praised the recent fascist act as a "historical decision." This proves that Park Geun Hye has been behind it and she tries to revive the departed soul of "yusin" dictatorship.

The puppet conservative group's act of disbanding the UPP at the point of bayonets is aimed to wipe out the progressive democratic forces and put down the struggle of opposition parties through the wind of the "forces following the north" to prevent it from seizing power again. It is also aimed to calm down the public criticism focused on it due to the case of Jong Yun Hoe's interference in state affairs and thus tide over the ruling crisis.

It is clear that south Korea will turn into the tundra of human rights and democracy and that all political parties and organizations whom the group of traitors is displeased with will be subject to fascist suppression as long as those fascist hooligans seized by the ambition of long-term office and confrontation with fellow countrymen are left as they are.

The historical lesson proves that those who prolong their remaining days through fascist misrule will meet only ruin.

(KCNA - December 22, 2014)
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