Human rights abuses in S Korea disclosed

By Society of Measures for Human Rights in South Korea

The Society of Measures for Human Rights in South Korea issued information on investigation into human rights abuses in south Korea on Friday to let the people at home and abroad know about the worst human rights abuses in south Korea.

The information in its article titled "Report on human rights abuses in south Korea in 2014" cited facts that this year, too, the crimes against humanity and human rights abuses were openly committed by GIs in south Korea, a colony of the U.S.

It said that these crimes are attributable to the puppet authorities' policy of sycophancy, treachery and submission to the U.S.

The present human rights performance in south Korea has reached an alarming phase due to the puppet group's medieval repressive rule and its unpopular and evil policy, it noted.

The information pointed to the facts that the puppet group who has not acceded to many international treaties and conventions related to human rights abused human rights by deliberately invoking outdated fascist evil laws even in the 21st century.

It accused the puppet group of making no scruple of committing brutal human rights abuses against inhabitants in the north including abduction, flesh traffic, torture and forcing defection, not content with having turned south Korea into the world's worst tundra of human rights.

The information in an article titled "International community's review of the situation of human rights in south Korea in 2014" referred to the fact that the ferry "Sewol" sinking in the waters off Jin Island of South Jolla Province on April 16 stunned the world as it was an inhuman and anti-human rights atrocity in which the right of human beings to existence was wantonly violated.

The puppet group is now ridiculously behaving, bluffing as if it ranked itself among "advanced states," the information noted.

The human rights situation in south Korea seen through statistics of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development clearly shows the backwardness of society, the information said, citing the figures and facts released by the organization.

It went on:

The international community expresses grave concern about the evermore serious human rights abuses by the south Korean puppet authorities.

The south Korean authorities are vociferous about "human rights" in the north after turning south Korean society into the worst tundra of human rights and a living hell. This is a mockery and challenge to the unanimous demand of the international community urging south Korea to settle the human rights abuses, and a height of shamelessness. -0-

(KCNA - December 19, 2014)
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