Don't push inter-Korean relations to catastrophe

By DPRK NDC Policy Department Spokeperson

The north-south high-level contact has failed to take place though it had been high on the agenda amid great expectation and concern of all Koreans.

This being a stark reality, the south Korean authorities are obliged to buckle down to putting the situation under control, feeling heavy remorse for it, though belatedly.

Nevertheless, they are misleading the public opinion at home and abroad by creating the impression that the prevailing situation was created by the north's act of reneging on the bilateral agreement, bereft of elementary face.

They are behaving so ridiculously as to urge the north to retract "unreasonable preconditions" and "change its attitude."

What merits a more serious attention is the fact that they are pushing the overall inter-Korean relations to a more uncontrollable phase of catastrophe, getting more frantic in their anti-DPRK confrontation racket.

In this connection, the Policy Department of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK was authorized to clarify the truth about the prevailing situation and issue a statement reiterating its principled stand internally and externally on Saturday.

The north-south high-level contact was another patriotic step taken and whose preparations were made progress thanks to the noble intention of the sagacious supreme leadership of the DPRK to turn a lane for mending the inter-Korean relations into a wide avenue and make a new history of the relations, the statement noted, and continued:

It was thanks to this step taken into consideration of not only the present destiny of all Koreans but their future hope that the sports team of the DPRK took part in the Asian Games and a highest-level delegation of the DPRK visited Inchon on October 4, reaching a historic agreement.

In the consequent period, too, the DPRK made every sincere effort to rev up the hard-won precious atmosphere of mending the relations.

The south Korean authorities, however, opted for pushing the inter-Korean relations to a more deplorable phase.

On Oct. 25 they began scattering leaflets hurting the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK and insulting its inviolable social system in all areas along the Military Demarcation Line including the western and central sectors of the front.

They escalated the intrusion of their naval warships into the territorial waters of the DPRK under the pretext of defending the "northern limit line" in the waters of the West Sea of Korea.

From mid-October they began airing vulgar warning programs and recklessly firing bullets at servicepersons of the Korean People's Army on their routine patrol duty in the north's side area north of the Military Demarcation Line.

The south Korean authorities who vociferated about the mending of the inter-Korean relations and high-level contact started the large-scale Hoguk-14 drills on November 10, making a total war against the north an established fact.

The reality goes to prove that they are aborting the north-south high-level contact, denying any process to mend the relations and kicking up reckless political and military confrontation rackets.

This is the truth of the present bedeviled north-south relations for which the south Korean authorities are wholly to blame.

The Policy Department of the NDC of the DPRK once again clarified a series of its principled stand in reflection of the will of its army and people enraged by the truth about the south Korean authorities' reckless behavior.

Firstly, it is our stand that the south Korean authorities can never expect any improvement of the north-south relations and any dialogue and contact as long as they persist in their vicious anti-DPRK confrontation rackets.

The present chief executive of south Korea uttered there is a dialogue even in the battle field.

It is sheer sophism as she revealed her shameless intention to negotiate with the north while inciting distrust, hostility and confrontation.

Nothing is more foolish than knocking at the door of dialogue and calling for contact while escalating the nuclear blackmail against the north by frequently introducing nuclear strike means from the U.S. into south Korea by land, sea and air.

The DPRK has so far stressed more than once that war maneuvers cannot go with dialogue.

If the south Korean authorities truly want improved relations and dialogue, they should make a policy decision to halt the anti-DPRK leaflet scattering operations, to begin with.

If they do not pursue a sinister aim in their lip-service to improved relations and dialogue, they should not resort to all sorts of unjustifiable provocations on the ground and in the seas and the air.

It is the DPRK's assertion that if they are to opt for improved relations and dialogue, they should create a corresponding atmosphere and take an attitude as a dialogue partner.

Secondly, it is our stand that they should boldly discard all bad habits of having reneged on the inter-Korean agreements for several generations before talking about someone's "observation of the agreements".

The inter-Korean agreements are the gains common to the nation attained irrespective of ideology, social system, ideal and religious belief without exception and the historic tasks of the nation to be fulfilled without fail.

Accordingly, no one is entitled to breach all agreements of the north and the south, big and small, which they pledged to implement before the nation.

However, the south Korean authorities have bedeviled the inter-Korean relations by deliberately trampling down and scrapping the hard-won bilateral agreements.

At the north-south high-level contact made at the outset of the year the present south Korean chief executive let her confidants agree with the north to halt slandering each other. They were so crafty as to request it to "believe in the will of the president" and claim that "it would be clear if it followed the development."

The south Korean authorities had better learn the habit of honestly fulfilling the agreements reached before paying lip-service to "improved relations" and "confidence-building."

If they truly want improved relations and dialogue, they should make such bold decision as abandoning the bad habit of deliberately reneging on the hard-won national agreements. This is our stance.

Thirdly, the south Korean authorities including the present chief executive should behave in such a manner as to be helpful to the national reconciliation and unity if they truly want improved relations. This is our stand.

A wicked chief executive is bound to pursue an evil policy as an adage says muddy spring will have muddy streams.

It is the unanimous comment of the world people that they know no such wicked lady as the present south Korean chief executive. She knows nothing but letting loose reckless remarks escalating confrontation with fellow countrymen in the north wherever she goes without thinking over the consequences to be entailed by them.

Her confrontation hysteria is accompanied by evildoings of authorities under her.

This is evidenced by the behavior of Jong Hong Won who held the post of "prime minister" again after being forsaken by the angered public for his ill-fame. Ryu Kil Jae, "minister of Unification," is also laying bare his true colors as a despicable confrontation maniac though he uttered so many good words at the negotiating table before us.

The present chief executive of Chongwadae, before anyone else, had better stop recklessly wagging her tongue and all the south Korean authorities should halt their reckless confrontation rows if they have even an iota of sincerity for improving the north-south ties.

This is our principled stand and assertion.

The south Korean authorities would be well advised to bear deep in mind the noble intention of the supreme leadership of the DPRK to make a new history of improving the relations between the north and the south so that they may not regret later, the statement stressed.

(Source: KCNA - November 15, 2014)

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