US criminal colonial rule over South Korea

By National Reunification Institute

The National Reunification Institute in a memorandum it released Wednesday in the run-up to the 69th anniversary of the liberation of Korea revealed the crimes the U.S. committed by inflicting unbearable misfortune and pain on the south Korean people through its colonial rule:

Nearly 70 years covered by south Korea after the liberation of Korea were a history of disgrace in which it has been thoroughly dependent on the U.S. in the political, military, cultural, economic and all other fields with its political sovereignty and the right to existence wantonly violated by the U.S.

South Korea is a colony of the U.S. with its political sovereignty violated by the U.S., the memorandum said, and went on:

The U.S. is the ruler over south Korea as it has decided everything in south Korea since the liberation of Korea.

The south Korean regime was installed according to the will of the U.S. and pro-U.S. stooges who were groomed by the U.S. were elected as "presidents" to faithfully serve the U.S. This is the stark reality in south Korea.

The puppet regime is unable to exercise the elementary right to sovereignty as it kowtows to the U.S. The relations between the U.S. and the south Korean puppet forces are master-servant relations, those of domination and subjugation.

The right to command the armed forces in south Korea has been exercised by the U.S. under brigandish military treaties imposed by the U.S. on south Korea since the south Korean army was organized as a colonial mercenary army.

After the present conservative regime took power in south Korea, the U.S., by taking advantage of the chief executive's ignorance of the military affairs, pushed the situation in south Korea to the brink of a war and created "insecurity" through various forms of north-targeted war drills in its persistent bid to extend again the transfer of the right to command the wartime operations.

As a result, the present south Korean chief executive, who committed herself "not to extend again the transfer of the right to command the wartime operations" during her "presidential campaign" in 2012, could not but stage the farce of imploring the U.S. to extend the right to command the wartime operations, seized by extreme "security uneasiness". Therefore, it was decided shortly ago to extend the transfer to the period after 2020.

The memorandum noted that the U.S. employed all sorts of mechanisms, means and methods to turn south Korea into its permanent colony and military base in a bid to realize its ideological and cultural domination over south Korea. It continued:

The U.S. is distributing anti-DPRK books, publications and literature that preach the corrupt American way of life, Yankee culture in different parts of south Korea. And it is pressurizing the south Korean authorities to reduce the institutional mechanism for limiting the showing of foreign films and screen more U.S. films, claiming that movies are very effective for disseminating the idea of worship towards the U.S. and the American way of life.

Owing to the U.S. cunning and vicious ideological and cultural domination, the south Korean people's consciousness of independence and national culture and their beautiful manners and customs were stamped out and the idea of flunkeyism and subjugation and corrupt American culture and way of life are prevalent in the south Korean society.

Noting that south Korea is a colony totally dependent on U.S. economy, the memorandum went on:

The south Korean economy has been reduced to an empty one due to the protracted U.S. colonial enslavement policy. It finds itself in such miserable position that it always suffers an acute shortage of raw materials and funds and undergoes marketing difficulties.

South Korea depends on the U.S. and other foreign countries for 87-100 percent of raw materials and fuel needed for industrial production, for 70 percent of spare parts and materials and for 100 percent of core technology and resource technology for the production of goods.

Multinational capitals in the U.S. found their ways into south Korea by various forms and methods such as direct investment, indirect investment, loan, technical cooperation and joint bank and are raking up excessive colonial profits, being granted all sorts of special privileges by the puppet forces.

The puppet forces can never get rid of such miserable plight as colonial stooges and the south Koreans cannot escape disgrace, misfortune and pain as long as the U.S. colonial domination and their sycophancy toward it and treachery persist, the memorandum concluded.

(KCNA - August 13, 2014)
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