DPRK women slam sexual slavery for GIs in S Korea

By DWUK Spokeswoman

A spokeswoman for the Central Committee of the Democratic Women's Union of Korea (DWUK) released a statement Friday denouncing the sexual slavery committed by the U.S. imperialist aggression troops in south Korea:

The Wall Street Journal in its recent article said that sex stations have been installed and operated in villages of U.S. military bases in south Korea at tacit connivance of the puppet government.

The majority of the women taken to the stations were those driven into dire poverty or those who were abducted by gangsters and sold off. They can not walk out of the villages once they go into them. The south Korean puppet government directly controls the villages and mobilizes police to prevent women from running away. It called the women in the villages "patriots" and told them not to cause any trouble with GIs.

"Comfort women for the U.S. forces" are said to number thousands in south Korea.

The sexual slavery for the U.S. imperialist aggression troops is little short of the hideous sexual slavery enforced by the Japanese imperialists against Korean women in the past. This is an intolerable insult to the Korean women and a wanton encroachment upon the dignity of the Korean nation.

The Central Committee of the DWUK brands the sexual slavery committed by the U.S. imperialist aggression troops against south Korean women as one of the unpardonable, most hideous human rights abuses of modern version.

Since they set their foot in south Korea, GIs did not hesitate to commit all kinds of abnormal and shuddering crimes against women and this was connived at and encouraged by the U.S. and the south Korean puppet authorities.

Nothing has changed in the miserable situation of the south Korean women since the present chief executive took office in Chongwadae but shuddering sexual assaults against women have become all the more undisguised.

There is no such despicable group of traitors like the south Korean puppet forces as they behave so cowardly as to offer fellow women as sexual slaves for the foreign occupation troops and shield their sexual slavery.

As long as the U.S. aggression troops are present in south Korea and the group of pro-U.S. lackeys stay in power, the history of shame will go on and south Korean women can never get rid of the sexual slavery.

The U.S. and the puppet forces should apologize for the sexual slavery for the U.S. forces in south Korea and own full responsibility.

South Korean women and other people of all social standings should actively turn out in the struggle to drive the U.S. aggression troops, the root cause of misfortune and pain of Koreans, out of south Korea and settle accounts with the U.S. imperialists, the sworn enemy of the Koreans.

(KCNA - August 8, 2014)
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