CPRK urges South Korean authorities to take fundamental and realistic steps for national reunification

By Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea (CPRK)

The Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea released a statement on Thursday on the occasion of the 69th anniversary of Korea's liberation:

Many years have passed and old generations have been replaced by new ones since the historic day of liberation of Korea but the complete independence and sovereignty of the country have not yet been achieved though the patriotic forerunners had longed so ardently by unhesitatingly devoting themselves to the sacred anti-Japanese war.

As more than four decades of the Japanese imperialists' occupation of Korea have been followed by 70 years of the U.S. imperialists' presence in south Korea, the complete liberation of the nation and its sovereignty have not been achieved nationwide and the Koreans are undergoing unbearable pain and tragedy due to the protracted division of the nation forced by foreign forces.

It is the unanimous aspiration and desire of all fellow countrymen to achieve the independent reunification of the country at any cost despite any adversity and obstacle, the statement noted, urging the south Korean authorities as follows:

1. U.S. domination and interference should be terminated on the Korean peninsula.

The U.S. imperialist aggressor forces present in south Korea should be withdrawn and the south Korean authorities should roll back their treacherous policy of depending on foreign forces.

We urge the south Korean authorities to break with the U.S. and join the sacred ranks of the nation and settle the issue of north-south relations and the reunification question by the concerted efforts of the nation.

If the south Korean authorities truly want peace and detente on the Korean peninsula, they should come out against the U.S. hostile policy toward the DPRK, the root cause of straining the regional situation, and stop staging the anachronistic "cooperation in putting pressure on the north" in collusion with foreign forces.

2. The south Korean authorities should take practical steps to implement the already agreed north-south agreements.

If the south Korean authorities are truly interested in reunification and have the willingness to improve the inter-Korean relations, they should recognize and respect the already concluded north-south agreements and take practical measures for implementing them, not peddling anything frequently whenever the regime is replaced by another.

The humanitarian work, the rejoining of railways and roads and social cooperation called for by the south Korean authorities will be satisfactorily settled if the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration are implemented as they are reflected in those declarations.

The south Korean authorities should show before all fellow countrymen their sincere will to improve the relations with the DPRK through their practical actions, not talking only.

3. It is necessary to take realistic steps to put an end to the hostile acts between the north and the south and pull down the barriers lying in the way of reconciliation, unity and reunification.

It is the firm determination and will of the DPRK to boldly terminate harmful hostile acts.

For the present, the projected north-targeted Ulji Freedom Guardian war drills should be cancelled unconditionally as they will push the situation on the Korean peninsula to the brink of a war and increase the danger of a nuclear war.

The south Korean authorities should remove as soon as possible unreasonable institutional mechanisms blocking the contact, visits, cooperation and exchange between the north and the south.

They should take a substantial measure to pull down the concrete wall, a product of the Cold War and the confrontation with fellow countrymen, before talking about "confidence" and "a peace park".

They should join all the fellow countrymen in the nationwide march to greet with splendor the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Korea as a grand festival of national reunification to be specially recorded in the history of the nation in hearty response to the offer of the DPRK.

(KCNA - August 14, 2014)
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