South Korean military for shelling fishing boats of DPRK

By KPA SWF Command

The command of the southwestern front of the Korean People's Army (KPA) released the following report Wednesday:

The south Korean military hooligans committed such a serious military provocation as indiscriminately shelling peaceable fishing boats of the DPRK engaged in their routine fishing operations in the waters off the southwestern coast on Tuesday.

This reckless provocation has pushed the already tense situation in the waters to an unpredictable phase of explosion.

The gravity of the situation lies in that this military provocation was perpetrated under a carefully worked out premeditated plan.

The units of the three services of the puppet forces were put on alert and F-16 fighter bombers hovered in the sky above the waters while five speed boats intruded deep into the territorial waters of the DPRK in succession to indiscriminately fire shells at the peaceable boats. This was truth about the recent provocation.

The officers and men of the KPA on the southwestern front were already well aware of the despicable true nature of the military gangsters who committed such provocation.

A sinister aim sought by the puppet forces was to divert elsewhere the public criticism of them thrown into the quagmire by the development of the murder of private first class Yun, a product of vulnerability of the puppet forces who are no more than cannon fodder for the U.S. war of aggression and corrupt and ailing south Korean society, into the ferry Sewol incident of military version and the occurrence of all sorts of slackened military discipline and scandals shocking the world people.

Another aim sought by the puppet forces was to cause the KPA to take a countermeasure for self-defence through reckless shelling provocation in the hotspot waters and thus create a pretext for conducting Ulji Freedom Guardian joint military exercises for aggression.

The prevailing situation is compelling the officers and men of the KPA on the southwestern front to lose the last chance of patience.

Their hearts are burning with the will to take merciless actions to blow up Paekryong Island, Yonphyong Island, Taechong Island and others where military gangsters are entrenched to use the hotspot waters in the West Sea as a starting point of a war and to send to the bottom of the sea the pirate ships intruding into the inviolable territorial waters of the DPRK.

It is the southwestern waters where bullets and shells are fired regardless of time, where guiltless fishermen of the DPRK were taken away and hair-raising atrocities were perpetrated against them, and where frequent intrusions into territorial waters of the DPRK are committed.

The enemies should not forget that artillery pieces of the KPA are waiting for the moment to open fire, keeping the headquarters of provocation within their sight.

Unshakable is the will of the officers and men of the KPA on the southwestern front to make retaliatory shelling to reduce the provokers' reckless shelling to their final destruction.

The south Korean puppet forces should not misunderstand the patience of the KPA officers and men on the southwest front.

(KCNA - August 13, 2014)
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