US missile defence system in S Korea

By NPCK Spokesperson

A spokesman for the National Peace Committee of Korea (NPCK) issued a statement on Friday in connection with the disclosure of the south Korean puppet forces' attempt to join in the U.S. missile defence system (MD) by introducing THAAD into south Korea:

The deployment of the THAAD, the core of the U.S. MD, has been forced upon south Korea by the U.S. since long ago, but the puppet group pretended to refuse it for fear of opposition from the DPRK and its neighboring countries.

South Korean media and people from all walks of life are expressing irrepressible indignation and showing increasing concern over the puppet group seeking the deployment of THAAD and join in the MD in actuality, pretending to take a negative approach towards them.

China and other neighboring countries are warning that if the puppet authorities deploy THAAD in south Korea, this will sacrifice the bilateral relations and south Korea will have to pay an unimaginably high price.

The U.S. projected deployment of THAAD in south Korea and the puppet group's moves to join in the U.S. MD are a dangerous military provocation aimed to mount a preemptive nuclear attack on the DPRK and an unpardonable hideous criminal act of bringing a nuclear disaster to the Korean peninsula and the rest of Northeast Asia.

The puppet group is now blustering that it is developing MD by itself and deployment of THAAD in the U.S. forces base is nothing to do with it, but it is nothing but hypocrisy.

It is open secret that the puppet group's own development of MD is part of the U.S. MD and pursuant to it. Moreover, the U.S. claimed that it would deploy strategic and tactical weapons in its base but it used to transfer them to the puppet group after the public opinion became calm, sparking off a strong public furor.

It is needless to say that the U.S. is mulling introducing THAAD in south Korea in such a manner this time, too, and transferring it to the puppet group.

The reality goes to prove that the U.S. and the puppet group talked about "nuclear and missile threats from the north" whenever a chance presented itself, an indication that it is aimed to ship nuclear war equipment such as THAAD into south Korea, build MD and thus ignite a nuclear war on the Korean peninsula and in the rest of Northeast Asia.

If THAAD is deployed in south Korea, it will turn into a nuclear forward base for carrying out the U.S. strategy for invading the DPRK and dominating Asia and the largest nuclear arsenal escalating military tensions on the peninsula and in its vicinity to the maximum and further increasing the danger of a nuclear war.

In the final analysis, it is south Korea which will turn into a theatre of a global nuclear war and suffer a nuclear disaster.

We will never remain a passive onlooker to the above-said scenarios of the U.S. and the puppet belligerent forces but strongly react against them by bolstering up nuclear deterrence.

(KCNA - June 13, 2014)
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