Hideous massacre by Park Geun Hye group

By CPRK Secretariat

The Secretariat of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea (CPRK) released a statement Monday clearly explaining why the ferry Sewol tragedy occurred and who is chiefly to blame for it to bring to light the truth about hideous massacre committed by the Park Geun Hye group:

Ferry Sewol sank in waters off Jin Island in the morning on April 16 on its way to Jeju Island after it left Inchon Port.

After a loud bang the ferry began to gradually tilt with a breaking sound. It went down to the seabed 37 meters deep in 2 hours and 20 minutes after it completely capsized.

On board at the time of sinking were at least 470 passengers including 325 students of Tanwon High School of Ansan City, Kyonggi Province who were on their field tour and at least 3 000 tons of cargo including 180 vehicles.

Just 179 were rescued and others all died due to the delayed rescue operation.

The 6 800 ton-class ferry, 146 meters in length and 22 meters in width, was a second-hand one that was used by other country for nearly 20 years.

The puppet group bought the old ferry at a cheap price and did not do proper overhaul and servicing. On the contrary, it enlarged spaces for cabins and cargo far beyond the security level with an aim to increase profits, thus seriously breaching the norms of security and balance of the ferry.

Rescue fittings were too old to operate.

The captain and crewmen of the ferry were temporary employees who did not have qualifications. The captain was employed under one-year contract and the navigation officer and steersmen were also hired under six months to one year contracts.

The captain was worse than an animal as he took with him only foreign female singer and her clan and spent days idly on hospital bed without feeling any guilty conscience, getting money wet with sea water dried although he was responsible for sending the ferry to the bottom of the sea.

As far as the Chonghaejin Shipping Company which ran the ferry is concerned, it earned an ill-fame as the one which recorded the highest number of accidents among the shipping companies in south Korea.

The ferry Sewol disaster was, indeed, an inevitable product of the reactionary and corrupt south Korean social system in which the life of people is not worth a fly and money is omnipotent, and of the unpopular rule enforced by the Park Geun Hye group.

Since the ferry sinking disaster occurred, the Park group failed to pay due attention to the rescue operation and deliberately neglected it, far from considering it as serious.

As a matter of fact, it took more than 2 hours for the whole body of the ferry to sink. So had a rescue operation been conducted in good time, casualties would have not been so high.

Moreover, the accident occurred not in a vast ocean but in the waters 30 to 40 meters deep near islands. Therefore, a proper rescue operation could have saved as many passengers as possible.

Those who were involved in the rescue operation were not earnest in their work, claiming it was dangerous and difficult for them to do due to fast tide and bad eye-sight. They were only busy rescuing the captain and crewmen of the ferry who took to flight from the sinking ferry, leaving behind schoolchildren. So, they didn't have access to the passenger cabins of the sunken ferry even 3 days later.

Naive schoolchildren and other passengers could not but drown stuck inside the ferry, believing in the guide broadcasting "Stay put!".

Park, who appeared at the headquarters for coping with the disaster 8 hours after the occurrence of the ferry, went so ridiculous as to ask why it was so difficult to find out those missing as they were reportedly wearing life jackets, unaware of the fact that the schoolchildren all drowned stuck inside the ferry. Such behavior of Park stunned the public.

Instead of taking timely measures against the ferry tragedy which turned the whole of south Korea into a mourner's house, Park invited Obama to visit south Korea. Her behavior lashed the public at home and abroad into a great fury.

All facts go to prove that the disaster was not simply caused by the Park group's irresponsibility and incompetence but an unprecedented deliberate murder and a massacre perpetrated by it.

The Park group orchestrated a despicable charade to mislead the public opinion critical of it for the disaster and cover up its criminal acts.

When the disaster occurred, it noisily advertised to give an impression that it was steering a rescue operation with huge equipment and personnel involved.

But a negligible number of equipment and personnel were involved in the rescue operation.

The puppet authorities got evermore frantic in their moves to cook up the "north wind" in a bid to divert elsewhere the public criticism of them for the ferry disaster.

Failing to calm down the angry mindset of the people, Park Geun Hye shifted the blame for the accident onto the prime minister, her confidant, and pressurized him to resign.

The Park group's press censorship, red herring and farce of passing the buck for the tragedy to others are a mockery of the bereaved families of the victims and mindset of the people and double murder of those dead.

In the wake of the ferry Sewol disaster, people's pent-up indignation, grievances and curses against the south Korean authorities' misrule are running high.

Civic and public organizations and people from all walks of life including labor, academic, media and juridical fields are dynamically waging large-scale candlelight rallies, torch-light demos, strikes, etc. in different parts of south Korea.

Candlelight actions across south Korea and incense-burning altars have turned into courts for trying Park Geun Hye.

Broad strata of overseas Koreans and people in various countries of the world are bitterly denouncing the mass killings by the Park group.

The ferry Sewol tragedy glaringly showed before the world what kind of society south Korea is and what the Park regime is like.

South Korea cannot escape the second or third disasters like the ferry Sewol accident as long as Park Geun Hye stays in Chongwadae as its boss.

Park deserves death sentence for the ferry tragedy only.

No matter what rhetoric Park and her group may let loose to make a mockery of people's mindset and the public opinion, they can never evade the responsibility for the massacre. They are bound to meet the most miserable end in face of curses and denunciation by all Koreans including south Koreans and world people.

(KCNA - May 19. 2014)

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