DPRK to push ahead with countermeasures

Policy Department of NDC Warns US Not to Find Fault with Military Measures of DPRK

By DPRK NDC Policy Department Spokesperson

The south Korean puppet forces conducted a 500 km range ballistic missile test-fire in secrecy on March 23 and made it public later.

The U.S. keeps mum about this, feigning ignorance of it, and the UN Security Council also says nothing about it.

This stands in sharp contrast to their response to the DPRK's satellite launch and the rocket launching drill for self-defence.

The U.S. double-dealing attitude and despicable mode of action have been brought to light with the recent case as a momentum.

As far as the ballistic missile test-fire of the south Korean puppet forces is concerned, it is a co-product of the master and the stooge as the former allowed the latter to increase the range to 800 km and encouraged the latter to launch the missile in secrecy by stealthily handing over the core technology.

We take this opportunity to strongly urge the U.S. to take proper policy decision as befits a big country.

First, it should behave with a fair stand if it wants to save its face and be treated as a big country.

It should come to its senses, though belatedly, clearly understanding that the army and people of the DPRK will never surrender to the U.S. hostile policy toward the DPRK which undergoes steady modification.

The U.S. has extreme complacency and deep-running self-exaltation. For this the owners of the White House always mistook their rivals and provoked them only to fail and drink bitter cups. The U.S. should admit this.

The biggest mistake made by the U.S. is that it is oblivious of the stark fact left by the history of the DPRK-U.S. confrontation and its lessons.

The U.S. should set out to have clear understanding of the DPRK and take a bold decision of rolling back its wrong hostile policy toward the DPRK, though belatedly.

For present, it should repent of its wrong past by lifting all sorts of "sanctions" which it masterminded to be inflicted on the DPRK for no justifiable reasons.

If the ballistic missile launched by the south Korean puppet forces is not problematic, the DPRK's launch of satellites or rockets will be of no problem, either.

The U.S. should, therefore, no longer pull up all the military measures taken by the DPRK to bolster its deterrence for self-defence.

We clarify once again that as long as the U.S. persists in its hostile policy toward the DPRK according to its high-handed, arbitrary and gangster-like double standards, the DPRK will push ahead with the countermeasures for self-defence to put an end to the policy as it had already declared.

The U.S. should clearly know that it has neither face nor justifications to find fault with the DPRK any longer.

(KCNA - April 11, 2014)
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