Nuclear force of DPRK transcending recognition

US should drop bad habit of deliberately blaming others

By Spokesperson, KPA Strategic Force

Units of the Strategic Force of the Korean People's Army successfully conducted rocket-launching drills from Feb. 21 to Mar. 4 according to the regular training plans of fire power units.

The rockets made the safest flights without the slightest deviation northeastward from the launching points and accurately struck the targets in the designated waters, demonstrating the highest-ever rate of hits.

The drills were smoothly conducted with no slight impact not only on the regional peace and security but on international navigation order and ecological environment as they were based on a scientific calculation of the whole course of the rocket launching and the scrupulous advance security measures for flight orbit and targets in the designated waters, in particular.

The spokesman for the KPA Strategic Force in a statement issued on Wednesday blasted the US and its allies for misbehaving, steeped in enmity toward the DPRK, resorting to a malignant smear campaign from the moment when its rockets soared into the sky, and clarified the following principled stand of the force:

1. The U.S. and its followers should dare not make much fuss, terming the DPRK's just rocket launching drills "provocation" and "threats".

As far as provocation is concerned, it is the brigandish Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint military exercises kicked off by the U.S. against the DPRK and base remarks made by such guy as U.S. Secretary of State Kerry, who labeled the DPRK "closest closed country", "evil place" and "country of evil".

It is the brazen-faced judgment of American style to label the just self-defensive drills in one's own land as "provocation" and it is the shameless standard of American style to describe its war exercises for aggression to serve a sinister purpose in the land of other country as "defensive" and "annual".

The U.S. and its followers should bear in mind that if their reckless provocation against the DPRK goes beyond tolerance limit, its defence rockets in the process of drills will lead to a retaliation of the most powerful attack rocket launching in a moment.

2. The U.S. and its followers should no longer resort to such a foolish act as escalating tensions under the pretext of the DPRK's rocket launching.

Whenever an opportunity presented itself, the U.S. has deliberately screwed up and escalated the situation on the Korean peninsula under the groundless pretext.

In recent years alone, the U.S. termed the DPRK's satellite launch a missile launch and fabricated UN resolutions on "sanctions", bringing the situation to the brink of war.

This time, too, it is seeking to opt for such reckless way as escalating tensions again, vociferating about "such sanctions as those against Iran" and "more stringent blockade" under the pretext of the DPRK's rocket launching drills.

It was prompted by the U.S. displeasure with recent signs of the north-south dialogue and the DPRK-Japan contact thanks to the DPRK's positive steps.

The U.S. should clearly realize that its acts of kicking off frantic war maneuvers for aggression and aggravating the situation under the pretext of the DPRK's regular rocket launching drills can neither work nor can be overlooked.

3. The U.S. and its followers should dare not let loose foolish sophism persistently taking issue with the DPRK over its nuclear issue with its rocket launching drills as a momentum.

The U.S. is now spreading rumors that it "does not recognize not only the DPRK's rocket launch but its access to nuclear weapons," "the south-north relations can be mended only when the north dismantles its nuclear weapons first" and "the U.S.-north dialogue and the U.S.-north relations are possible only when the north moves first".

This is rather an absurd jargon than ignorance.

The nuclear force of the DPRK is by no means something to which it had access in the hope of "recognition" by the U.S. and its followers.

It is the self-defensive treasured sword to defend the whole Korean nation and preserve the regional peace and security from the U.S. increasing nuclear threats and blackmail.

Nothing is more serious miscalculation than to assert that the DPRK's nuclear deterrence exists if anyone recognizes it and disappears if anyone does not recognize it.

The U.S. had better coolly judge the situation and drop the bad habit of deliberately taking issue with others.

(KCNA, March 5, 2014)
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