US escalates tension in Korean Peninsula


The U.S. is getting impatient to throw a wet blanket over the atmosphere of detente on the Korean Peninsula.

Despite the fact that practical measures have been taken for the improved north-south relations, the U.S. are persistent in military provocations against the DPRK while senior officials of the administration terming it a "rogue state" and a "state posing grave threat to security".

Even at a time when a north-south Red Cross working contact for the reunion of separated families and relatives was underway, the U.S. staged military drills like "400km-long tactical armed forced march" and nuclear striking drill with "B-52" bomber formations involved in south Korea.

Such drills can not be construed otherwise than criminal and provocative acts aiming at belittling the crucial proposals of the DPRK National Defence Commission (NDC) for the improved north-south relations and laying an artificial hurdle in the peace-loving efforts of the DPRK for realizing them, and thus keeping the vicious cycle of escalated tension in the peninsula.

As proved by the crucial proposals and open letter of the NDC, the DPRK remains firm in its will to ease tension and defend peace in the Korean Peninsula by improving the inter-Korean relations.

Therefore, the DPRK's principled stand and sincere efforts are drawing great support at home and abroad.

Such developments got on the U.S. nerves. In the last century the U.S. moves for its Asian strategy led to the territorial partition and national division in the peninsula. That is why the U.S. is not pleased to see the present circumstances favorable for reconciliation between the north and the south, unity of the Korean nation and reunification of the country.

From the outset of every year, the U.S. used to make a spate of reckless remarks and stage war maneuvers one after another, setting it as customs to aggravate the situation in the Korean Peninsula all the year round.

Now it is seeking for an excuse to escalate the tension in the peninsula. It is clearly evidenced by the already worn-out "theory on threat from north Korea" much touted by the U.S. terming the DPRK a "rogue state" and "state posing threat to security". But nobody will bend an ear to its sophism.

In the present world, the biggest rogue state, state posing threat to security, is none other than the U.S. as it has been keen on nothing but sparking confrontation and regional dispute in every part of the world in a bid to realize its strategy for world supremacy.

The U.S. nation-splitting policy and military provocation have brought to the Korean nation only antagonism and hostility between the fellow countrymen, driving the inter-Korean relations to a bankruptcy, escalating the tension and increasing the danger of war in the Korean Peninsula and the rest of the region. It is the real intention of the U.S. to keep the vicious cycle of escalated tension in the peninsula so as to use it as a lever for realizing its strategy, heedless of the aspiration and desire of the Korean nation.

The true color of the U.S. as the kingpin escalating tension in the Korean Peninsula has already been brought to light.

(KCNA, February 21, 2014)
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