Japan's sinister excuse for arms buildup

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Japan is making a fuss about "missile attack from north Korea".

Its government allotted 250 million U.S. dollars from the 2014 defense budget to the purchase and development of latest interceptor missiles and the increase of their capabilities allegedly to cope with such "attack."

It also plans to purchase F-35A stealth fighters, P-1 sea patrol planes and patrol helicopters in addition.

The assertion about "missile attack" is a crafty and sinister attempt to justify Japan's arms buildup and reinvasion scheme.

Since its defeat in the Second World War, Japan has never abandoned its scheme for reinvasion, gradually increasing military spending.

In the 21st century, it has drastically raised the military expenditure, making full preparations to stage overseas aggression any moment. It decided to invest 46 billion U.S. dollars for this year's military spending, 2.8 percent higher than last year. What should not be overlooked is that most of this fund is used for the development and production of advanced missiles essential to preemptive attacks on other countries.

After all, Japan's assertion about "attack", a pretext for its overseas aggression, is intended to hit its aims of holding the command of sea and air around the Korean Peninsula in case of emergency.

This cunning sophism is also aimed to soften the world public's vigilance toward Japan, which is getting further militarized and lurching to the Right, and realize its ambition for reinvasion at any cost.

The present Japanese government is a rare extreme-rightist one in the history of Japan since its defeat in World War II. In a little more than one year after its emergence, the government enacted various kinds of laws to lay a legal ground for armaments expansion.

Late last year it adopted documents for bolstering up the navy and air force of the "Self-Defense Forces" in order to militarily contain its neighboring countries and regions. Meanwhile, the chief executive and other ruling forces of Japan have stepped up the moves to turn the country ultra-rightist through visits to the Yasukuni Shrine.

Japan's arms buildup and reinvasion scheme are now bringing dark clouds of war to Northeast Asia. Such moves can never be allowed.

(KCNA, June 11, 2014)

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