Ruinous dependence on foreign forces

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Any country interested in the Asia-Pacific region is talking about peace and security on the Korean Peninsula.

But, history shows that none of the foreign forces has brought peace and stability to the peninsula in actuality and, on the contrary, they have hindered or wrecked them.

In the late 19th century Korea was turned into a theatre of scramble for big powers. The foreign forces made the country a subject for negotiations on ownership of colonies early in the 20th century, violating the destiny of the Korean nation at will for decades. It is also the foreign forces that forced on the Koreans the territorial and national division and instability, which have continued for nearly 70 years on the Korean Peninsula.

The foreign forces are of the view that permanent division and instability of the peninsula are more profitable for them, so they have intentionally escalated the tension on the peninsula, disregarding what the Korean nation desires.

The military spending of those countries interested in the peninsula accounts for 60 percent of the global military expenditure, according to the 2013 report recently released by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. Such huge military expenditure bespeaks instability and threat of war on the peninsula, not peace and stability.

History and the situation go to prove that dependence on foreign forces can never provide peace and reunification of the Korean Peninsula, directly related to the destiny of the nation. The foreign forces, which divided the Korean nation into two only for their strategic interests, do not hail its reunification which will lead to peace and stability of the peninsula.

Attempt to settle the nation's internal affairs with the help of foreign forces may fan up distrust and confrontation among the fellow countrymen, throwing a bigger hurdle to the cause of national reunification. Such confrontation, which brings nothing but waste of time and human and material resources to the nation, helps the foreign forces fish in troubled waters.

That's why the DPRK has invariably maintained the principle of independence in settling the issue of Korea's reunification, the issue of the nation, since its division.

The principle of national independence, advocated by the DPRK, has nothing to do with national chauvinism or "closed view on reunification", much-touted by the traitors.

The DPRK will develop the relations of friendship and cooperation with all countries and nations respecting the Korean nation's sovereignty and right to self-determination, but resolutely reject the foreign forces seeking aggression and division.

All Koreans should decisively reject the domination and interference of foreign forces and never allow any attempt to hinder the national unity.

(KCNA, January 25, 2014)

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