CPRK Secretariat deals with angry S Korean public mindset

Wall-paper at Seoul Plaza
Wall-paper at Seoul Plaza (Photo Wikimedia)

By CPRK Secretariat

The Secretariat of the Committee for Peaceful Reunification of Korea on Friday issued information bulletin No. 1057 dealing with the angry public mindset in south Korea:

"How are you" has become a popular phrase symbolic of the anti-"government" public mindset.

A wall-paper was displayed at Korea University, which carried the question "How are you" and the answer "Not fine." This sparked off a campaign of displaying similar wall papers. It is rapidly spreading among people of different social standings including university students, high school students, employees, housewives and even among Koreans overseas.

Such wall papers are seen on the walls of major buildings and public places. Internet websites are deluged with such words as "The president is only fine, but the people are not fine," "We are not safe owing to the revival of yusin dictatorship," etc.

This shows mounting curses and resentment of south Koreans from different social standings against the puppet conservative group which turned south Korea into a veritable hell.

The familiar greeting "How are you" has become a phrase critical of the authorities in south Korea. It is something unprecedented not only in the world history but in the history of the preceding regimes in south Korea.

The puppet regime promised an "era of people's happiness" before coming to power. But what it brought the south Korean people is nothing but misfortune and despair.

The fate of the south Korean people hinges on how the north-south relations are repaired.

It is quite clear that the south Korean people can neither live in peace nor escape a war disaster unless an end is put to the confrontation with fellow countrymen and frantic war moves.

The anger of the south Korean people is on the point of eruption.

The south Korean authorities should lend an ear to the voices of all Koreans demanding independence, democracy and national reunification and stop at once their unpopular rule, fascist suppression, confrontation and war moves.

(KCNA, June 10, 2014)
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