US is harasser of regional peace


The deputy spokesperson for the U.S. State Department recently accused the DPRK of "spending money for the unnecessary munitions sector" and "hindering the efforts for peace and stability in Northeast Asia". 

The White House spokesperson also charged that the DPRK has failed to observe its commitments for the international community, seeking arms buildup.

The remarks remind one of a thief crying "Stop thief!"

It is a universally recognized fact that the military spending of the U.S. accounts for 40 percent of the world's total military expenditure, much higher than that of 10 major powers.

According to a report issued by a Chinese strategy institute in July, the U.S. has decreased its total military budget for its financial crisis, but the key military budget has witnessed an increase of 80 percent over that of 2001. 

The present military budget made public by the U.S. does not include such hidden expenditures as spending for nuclear management and defence activities.

Then, the question is why the U.S. is clinging to such sophism, though it squanders an exorbitant amount of money on arms buildup including modernization of nukes and war maneuvers.

In fact, the U.S. military buildup is now targeting Asia, as evidenced by the remark of the secretary of Defence at a House of Representatives Armed Security Committee hearing in April that the military budget for the next year chiefly aims at dealing with Asian regional problems.

The Asia-Pacific strategy and maneuvers pursued by the U.S. in recent years have become the source of wrecking regional peace and stability and disturbing the efforts for them. 

The mastermind of all wars and disputes that occurred in the region after World War II was none other than the U.S.

In Asia, the U.S. might be seen as the Savior to a handful of its stooges, but it is a gate-crasher and a trouble-maker to those countries aspiring after independent development. 

But for the U.S. interference, the region would have made greater strides in more stable circumstances.

The U.S., which has poured astronomical military expenditures to sow unrest and discord in different parts of the region, has no face to say this or that about others.

Only the self-defence capabilities serve as a powerful treasured sword for defending each country and nation, as long as there remains the U.S., the main policy of which is military aggression and interference.

They are absolutely needed for the DPRK, which is technically at war with the U.S. 

The DPRK's increased defence capabilities greatly contribute to ensuring military balance on the Korean Peninsula and serve as a strong deterrent to not only the U.S. moves for stifling it but also any attempt to destroy the regional stability.

What are really unneeded for the DPRK is just the U.S. hostile policy and the interference and war moves pursuant to it.

The same goes to the regional issues.

It would be better for the U.S., a gate-crasher to Asia, to go back, though belatedly, and mind its own business.

(KCNA - December 30, 2013) 

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