Park Geun Hye's dead election commitments

By News Analyst

One year has passed since when Park Geun Hye took the helm of south Korea.

At her inauguration, she declared to "improve the people's livelihood, stand by her words and attain great unity."

Earlier, she made more than 200 commitments allegedly for "democracy, public welfare and peace" during her "presidential election campaign".

But now, south Korea was reduced into a hell of people's life, a theatre of political fraudulence and dictatorship and shambles of division and antagonism, the worst ever in its history, far from her slick commitments.

What matters is that her suave commitments turned worse into a leverage for anti-democratic, anti-popular misrule over south Korea, where injustice and fascism punish justice and democracy.

Park has established a fascist dictatorial rule in south Korea, copying her father Park Chung-Hee's reign of terror and repression.

Under her regime, anyone calling for democracy and justice, be a politician or religionist and artist, becomes a target of harsh suppression after being branded as "forces following the north".

Moreover, the regime has cracked down on even those demanding the implementation of "election commitments".

Park openly reneged on her election promises that she would settle through "governmental investigation" the Ssangryong Motors crisis, which claimed massive lay-off along with brutal suppression.

And she went the lengths of egging her lackeys to forcibly remove incense-burning altars, installed in memory of fallen Ssangryong Motors unionists and their family members who died on strikes, and to detain in custody a chairman of a branch trade union on a hunger-strike.

The chief executive of south Korea also abandoned her promise for "economic democracy", considered in favor of minor businesses. She pushed ahead with the privatization of public sectors by coercive means, quite contrary to her pledge of its democratic privatization, thus giving benefits only to plutocrats.

Meanwhile, she unhesitatingly revoked or revised most of her promises aimed at the improvement of people's livelihood, which drove their life from bad to the worst.

According to a recent opinion poll by KBS with young people in their 20s and 30s, nearly half of them answered they had to give up at least one option out of dating, marriage and childbirth for lack of money.

More than 7 million families or 45 percent of the total number of households in south Korea have not houses of their own while over 10 million people are living under poverty line.

The reality goes to prove that south Korea has turned into a dreary desert of democracy and people's life, due to Park's criminal acts of reneging on her promises after her inauguration.

She is not qualified for the "president" from the legal point of view, as she took the power by employing all sorts of criminal means and methods.

It is as clear as noonday that Park, seized with all illegalities and hatred for working people, will continue to strangle democracy and ruin the people's living.

Park and her group, forsaken by the people, will never escape from a stern punishment by the history. 

(KCNA - December 20, 2013) 

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