Japanese politicians denying past state crimes


The Japanese chief executive at the recent talks with the special representative of the UN secretary general cried out for "terminating violence against women in wartime" and "positively contributing to protecting women's rights".

Earlier, Japanese Foreign Minister Kishida in a lecture said Japan would buckle down to improving women's rights including the prevention of sexual assaults at times of disputes.

This remark disclosed the impudence of Japanese politicians only to be derided and disdained by the international community.

One who feels shame had better keep one's mouth shut.

Is Japan entitled to talk about the protection of women's rights and termination of sexual violence?

If it is to talk about rights of women, it should admit its sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army and make apology and reparation, to begin with.

The Japanese imperialists abducted, lured and walked away 200 000 Korean women ranging from teenagers to married women and forced them into sexual slavery at battle sites. No criminal state in the world is as mean as Japan which reduced women of other countries into sexual slaves, means for fanned up hysteria of aggression.

Let's see Japan's present attitude.

The Osaka mayor who is the co-representative of the Japan Restoration Party made sophism that the sexual slavery was necessary to boost the morale of soldiers at that time. Ultra-right elements and the government supported his remarks and made no scruple of asserting in the world stage that "Japan is one of the most advanced countries in the field of human rights".

Nonsensical rubbish reeled off by Japanese can not just be viewed as ordinary remarks of individual politicians.

It is nothing indifferent to the politics of Japan that they deny past crimes including the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army, the hideous crime against humanity, and trumpet about "human rights" all the time.

Japan increasingly lurching to ultra-right is keen on boosting its image in the international arena. This is aimed to create internal and external environment for militarization without redressing its past.

Can there be bright future of Japan without redemption of its past? 

(KCNA - December 3, 2013)

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