Round-table talks held with inhabitants upon their return home from S Korea

Choe Kye Sun (c) and Pak Jong Suk (r) talking about their experiences. (Photo KCNA)

Round-table talks with the inhabitants who returned the DPRK from south Korea took place at the Koryo Hall of Compatriots on Friday.

They had been taken to south Korea, after being allured and abducted by agents of the south Korean puppet Intelligence Service (IS).

They are Choe Kye Sun, 64, residing in Saegori-dong No.1 of Sapho District in Hamhung City of South Hamgyong Province, and Pak Jong Suk, 67, living in Munsu-dong No.1 of the Taedonggang District here.

They first told, to begin with, how they had been taken to south Korea after being fallen into a trap laid by south Korean puppet agents.

Choe said: I illegally crossed the border to go over to China, blinded by money-making, and wandered about its different places. I fell a prey to a trick of flesh traffickers bribed by agents of the IS before being taken to south Korea in December, 2011. I came into the care of the DPRK some time ago.

Recalling that it is one and half years since she returned home after spiting at the cursed south Korean society, Pak said she is leading a happy life together with her son and daughter-in-law at her home in Munsu-dong No.1 under the loving care of the party.

Choe referred to the desperate moves of the south Korean puppet group to take inhabitants of the DPRK to south Korea.

Pak said the south Korean puppet group is no more than a group of hooligans who run the whole gamut of despicable intrigues to take even one more inhabitant of the DPRK to south Korea in wanton violation of not only human ethics but the sovereignty of other countries and international law.

Noting all the south Korean embassies in foreign countries are field plot-breeding centers for luring and abducting inhabitants of the DPRK, she disclosed the truth behind their criminal operations.

Participants in the talks referred to the fact that the puppet group is making no scruple of perpetrating such base acts as luring and abducting citizens of the DPRK working in foreign countries and their children and holding them hostage and making even threatening phone calls to them.

The group formed what it called a "team for cooperation" for operations to lure and abduct inhabitants of the DPRK and set up similar teams at its embassies in neighboring countries and is now getting frantic with those operations while reinforcing their staff, they added.

They vehemently denounced the organized and premeditated abduction of the puppet group against humanity as unpardonable politically-motivated provocations to the DPRK and hideous acts that deserve international condemnation.

They pointed to the situation in the corrupt south Korean society.

Choe Kye Sun said: What awaited me from the very moment I set foot on south Korea was neither house nor money but sub-human treatment at the IS.

Pak said that the puppet group is imposing brain washing and education by use of visual aid upon inhabitants of the DPRK after bringing them to south Korea and then throwing them like rubble stones.

Choe said: South Korea is a cold society where even an iota of humanity can hardly be found and a veritable hell where there is no one to whom one can file complaint even after one of the eyes is gouged out in broad daylight.

"Defectors from the north" are subject to cold shoulder and ridicule wherever they go and have to live under the watch and control of the puppet group.

The south Korean people are leading a miserable life, to say nothing of the wretched plight of the "defectors from the north" who had been allured and abducted to south Korea by the puppet group, Pak said, laying bare the hypocrisy of "wellbeing" touted by the puppet group.

South Korea is a veritable hell as all sorts of crimes occur in an unbroken chain, Choe said.

The round-table talks disclosed that the puppet group is intensifying the watch for those who wanted to come back to the DPRK and the campaign to control, suppress and punish them by mobilizing the IS and police.

The participants in the round-table talks noted that the group is making desperate efforts to tarnish the international image of the DPRK and quell the ever-growing desire for reunification in south Korea but it is nothing but a reckless racket.

Choe told how she came back to the DPRK, breaking with the cursed south Korean society.

Pak said: Recalling the days since I came back to the DPRK, I feel as if I were dreaming. It seems to me that I grow young day by day and I feel the worth of living in my homeland. That is why I am writing a book dealing with the quite different realities in the north and the south.

Choe said: Indeed, the Workers' Party of Korea is like a true mother as it takes warm care of all our people. I will devote myself to the grateful party and the country in the future.

The participants in the round-table talks stressed that no desperate efforts on the part of the south Korean puppet group can ever destroy the single-minded unity of all service personnel and people who formed a harmonious whole centered on the great leader and dignified socialist system.

No force on earth can block the Korean people dynamically advancing to build a thriving socialist nation and reunify the country, holding Marshal Kim Jong Un in high esteem and the future of Kim Il Sung's nation and Kim Jong Il's Korea is rosy, they declared. 

(KCNA - December 20, 2013) 

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