US human rights abuse through wiretapping


It was disclosed without let-up that the U.S. wiretapped other countries regularly and indiscriminately, stunning the world.

According to the disclosures, the U.S. has constantly wiretapped tens of millions of private e-mails worldwide.

Under the surveillance plan titled "Prism", last year alone the National Security Agency of the U.S. wiretapped at least 250 million private e-mails on the special watch list, 500 000 on a daily average, in different parts of the world.

Included among the targets of eavesdropping were foreign heads of state and other politicians from such friendly countries of the U.S. as Germany, France and Italy, the Pope and other dignitaries, foreign state institutions, the headquarters of EU, International Atomic Energy Agency and other international organizations.

In a recent month alone there were 60 million cases of wiretapping in the U.S. and 500 million cases in Germany. This fact fully reveals the true colors of the U.S. as the worst abuser of human rights.

To wiretap the secret of communications including private messages to be observed strictly represents the worst abuse of human rights ignoring the elementary conception of human rights.

It is none other than the U.S. that does the worst things in the world, seriously infringing upon human rights in all countries of the world including its friendly countries to meet its interests.

What should not be overlooked is that the U.S. shamelessly justifies its wiretapping which gets evermore undisguised.

Some time ago, the White House said that the U.S. president did not know about the spying cases including wiretapping of foreign leaders made by the NSA.

When the accusing finger was pointed at them in the wake of ceaseless disclosures, the former and incumbent officials concerned of the NSA and CIA, which have served the chief executives, could not but admit that they received the instructions for wiretapping dozens of foreign state leaders directly from the White House and the Department of State. Much upset by this, the U.S. secretary of State said that there was no other option but to continue "security service" including wiretapping round the clock and for 365 days as there were a lot of forces to hurt Americans in different parts of the world. The director of the NSA justified the wiretapping, claiming that it was inevitable to "combat terrorism."

The U.S. claim that the illegal wiretapping is to "combat terrorism" is nothing but an absurd pretext.

The aim of the U.S. large-scale wiretapping overseas is obviously to watch and spy on every move of other countries to realize world domination.

The U.S. espionage including wiretapping for aggression and domination is now being perpetrated in different countries of the world.

Wiretapping is playing a big role in the U.S. moves for aggression to attain its goal for dominating other countries by gathering secrets of different fields including politics, military and economy.

The NSA wiretaps voices, photos, e-mails and others by setting up the program called "Prism" in the worldwide internet servers under the pretext of "anti-terrorism". It also watches computers and phone messages in the world by use of the software "information server without borders".

An official of the NSA openly said that the NSA hears voices of the presidents of any countries.

For its human rights abuse through wiretapping, the U.S. is now standing further isolated, censured even by its allies including Saudi Arabia, U.K., Italy, France and Germany.

It is quite natural that the U.S. is cursed and condemned by the world people.

(KCNA - November 5, 2013)

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