Puppet plans severance and confrontation

By CPRK Secretariat

The Secretariat of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea issued information bulletin No. 1051 on Thursday denouncing the south Korean authorities' "second principal plan for the development of the south-north relations":

The south Korean puppet Ministry of Unification recently submitted the "second principal plan for the development of the south-north relations" to the "National Assembly". It is said that the plan is the "policy toward the north" the present regime will pursue for five years to come.

The plan considers it as its main task to "find a solution to the nuclear issue of the north" and is peppered with disturbing matters like the institution of "a law on human rights in the north" and "support to defectors from the north".

Missing in the plan are issues of setting up a special zone for peace and cooperation in the West Sea, replacing the armistice system with a peace mechanism, etc. which were contained in the first plan worked out during the Roh Moo Hyun regime in 2007.

This brought into bolder relief the real intention of the present regime to confront with the DPRK to the end during its tenure of office.

Deleted from the second plan are all matters related to implementing the October 4 declaration and included in it are the "nuclear issue" and "human rights issue", a total denial of the inter-Korean declarations and an unpardonable provocation to the DPRK.

The second plan is not for developing the inter-Korean relations but for severing the ties and escalating confrontation.

The puppet group mentioned in the plan "the issue of resuming economic cooperation between the south and the north and examining the allowance of investment in the north." This is, however, nothing but a deceptive artifice to escape the criticism of the group by public at home and abroad.

It is a mockery of public at home and abroad to talk about the development of inter-Korean relations, severing all ties between the north and the south and frantically seeking confrontation and war.

The puppet regime should totally nullify the above-said extremely disturbing plan and decisively roll back its policy of confrontation with compatriots.

It will not be able to escape the same shameful destruction as what traitor Lee Myung Bak met, if it persists in its moves to escalate the confrontation despite the repeated warnings of the DPRK.

(KCNA - November 14, 2013)

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