Fallen fighters of KPA Navy honored

State commendations, patriotic martyr's certificates and membership cards of the Workers' Party of Korea, were posthumously awarded to fallen fighters of KPA Navy Unit 790 who died heroic deaths while performing their combat duties.

Commanding officers and sailors of submarine chaser No. 233 fell while performing their combat duties in mid-October last in defence of their post to the last moments of their lives.

Supreme leader Kim Jong Un saw to it that a cemetery was successfully built to glorify forever their patriotic soul and revolutionary spirit.

He personally visited the cemetery and became the owner of the cemetery, instructing the whole army to learn from their feats and noble spiritual world.

Thanks to his noble sense of obligation and warm love for the revolutionary soldiers, they could enjoy immortality amid blessings of the party, leader, country and its people.

An awarding ceremony took place on Tuesday.

(KCNA - November 6, 2013)

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