Park group joining in US MD


The chief of the "national security office" of Chongwadae of south Korea said that it would not be fully involved in the U.S. missile defense system during his recent trip to the U.S.

Earlier, the south Korean chief executive, the minister of Defense and other heavyweights of the political circle and the military uttered similar words on various occasions.

This is nothing but a chicanery of the south Korean regime to fool the international community by covering up its full-scale participation in the U.S. MD.

The south Korean puppet forces are now zealously joining in the U.S. MD while talking about what they called independent "south Korean-style MD" and the like.

This is clearly evidenced by their moves to introduce the U.S. THAAD, etc.

Long ago the puppet forces claimed that "low altitude missile shield" of their own style was enough to intercept missiles in the light of the geographical conditions of the Korean Peninsula.

However, they are now scheming to import the U.S. interceptor system fit for intercepting ICBMs, not content with trumpeting about the need for "multi interceptor system" from shortly ago.

THAAD is a high-altitude theater missile defense system, the core of the U.S. MD, as it is aimed to intercept ballistic missiles flying in outer space. The U.S. forward-deployed this interceptor system on Guam in a bid to put military pressure on the DPRK and China in April last.

THAAD is aimed at mounting a preemptive nuclear attack on not only the DPRK but the whole of the Asia-Pacific region.

In the final analysis, the puppet group's introduction of THAAD means acquiring the capability for posing threat to the whole of Asia beyond the peninsula. THAAD will be operated at the instruction of the U.S., its master, as the puppet army has realized the sharing of intelligence with the U.S. forces in the field of ballistic missile tracking and the right to command wartime operations is in the hands of the master.

As a matter of fact, the puppet regime opened to public its plan to set up a ballistic guided-missile operation control station by next year to interlock it with the U.S. theater missile defense operation control station.

Facts go to clearly prove that the Park Geun Hye group is fully involved in the U.S. moves to resort to a nuclear threat and blackmail against the region after becoming a shock brigade in carrying out its Asia-Pacific strategy.

The south Korean puppet group is making eyes at its neighboring countries, talking about "exchange" and "cooperation" and, at the same time, is seriously threatening the security of big powers in the Asia-Pacific region in league with its master behind the scene. It is the root cause of the regional instability.

With no rhetoric can the Park group cover up the true colors as the arch criminal joining the U.S. in its move to build MD, the one for aggression and domination.

(KCNA - November 7, 2013)

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